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Taizong and Shizu’s Pacification of the Khalkha Group in the Mobei Area during the Qing Dynasty

【Author in Chinese】 达力扎布

【Author】 Dalizhabu

【Institution】 中央民族大学历史文化学院

【Abstract in Chinese】 清太宗和世祖为使漠北喀尔喀部臣服,采取了一系列的招抚策略及措施:如以军事征伐相威胁、阻止其与内地贸易、收留其逃人、分化其与卫拉特的同盟关系、邀请五世达赖喇嘛朝觐等,最终迫使喀尔喀附属于清朝,确立了朝贡贸易关系。而喀尔喀对内地的经济依赖则是喀尔喀归附清朝的最主要原因。

【Abstract】 In order to make the Khalkha group in the Mobei area submit to the Qing dynasty,Taizong and Shizu of the Qing adopted a series of strategies and measures including the threat of a military campaign,preventing them from trading with the inner provinces,taking in their fugitives,driving a wedge into their alliance with the Oirat,inviting the Fifth Dalai Lama on a pilgrimage.This eventually forced the Khalkha to acknowledge their tributary status and establish a tribute trade relationship with the Qing.Among all these factors,the most important reason for the Khalkha’s submission was their economic dependence on the hinterland provinces.

【Keywords in Chinese】 清朝漠北喀尔喀关系策略
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