In order to help you better understand the latest scientific research progress in China, CNKI will open two databases, AcademicFocus (AF) and Journal Translation Project (JTP) for free trial to institutional users.

AF and JTP, rooted in the forefront of Chinese academic research, meet the research needs of international scholars with English content and make Chinese academic innovation within your reach. During the activity, you can browse and download AF and JTP resources for free.

Please click here for more details of the English journals.

Leave Comments, Win Awards!

You will have a chance to win the following prize by giving us comments and suggestions after the trial.

  • How to Participate?

    Click here , fill in relevant information and leave your comments and you will be included in the lucky draw list.

  • When to Release the Winner List?

    Before July 06, 2019

  • How to Check the Winner List?

    On CNKI Facebook official page (CNKI OVERSEAS) and through notification email.