Proceedings of the International Seminar on Chinese Digital Publishing and Digital Library 2015


1Aggregating European scholarly publishing for diffusion worldwide

    Andrea Ferro Account Development e-Resources, Middle East and Asia at Casalini libri

2 Overview of Chinese Specialist Literature in the Field of Science and Technology in Germany

    Sarah Koch, East Asia Department, German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB), Hannover, Germany

3 An Analysis on Journal Network in Library and Information Science in Taiwan

    Ya-Ning Chen, Assistant Professor of Department of Information and Library Science, Tamkang University

4 Printed and digital resources for Early Childhood Education in Hong Kong

    LAU Fai Kim, Librarian of Yew Chung Community College Library, Hong Kong

5The Discussion of Ebook Collection, Management, and Services Taiwan Public Libraries

    Yen-Kai Liu, Assistant Counselor of System Information Section, National Library of Public Information

6 A User Experience Study of Pop Science Web Information Architecture of National Taiwan Normal University

    Zhihui Lv Department Head, Taiwan Normal University Library

7 The Digital Library of Human Cultural Heritage ľ

   Kunihiro Yu asa   Professor, Osaka University

8 Making Sense of Documents, Turning Stone into GoldMy Discovery of the Humanitarian Stories behind the 1854 Black Ships' Visit of Japan

Download Unauthorized     Demin Tao Professor, Kansai University