6.16 Plenary Discussion    Session I Topic: Opportunities and Challenge of Knowledge Service

1、Rethinking the Digital Future: Partnerships in the Digital Age

                     —— Anne Jarvis        Librarian, the Cambridge University Library

2、Guardians of the Galaxy:
                                                Trends, Challenges and Opportunities in the Digital World

                     ——Ingrid Parent      Librarian, the University of British Columbia Library

3、 The Second Digital Transformation of Publishing and Librarie

                    —— Mingliang Wang
                                      Vice President, Tongfang Group
                                      Director, China Academic Journals Electronic Publishing House CEO, CNKI

4、Meeting Researchers Needs at The University of Hong Kong

              —— Peter E. Sidorko      Librarian, The University of Hong Kong Libraries

5、 The Construction and Practice of Scholar Identifying Service System

   PPT Download Unauthorized    —— Jingkang Deng     Director, Tsinghua University Library


6.16 Plenary Discussion   Session II Topic: Transformation of Knowledge Service of Publishing Houses

6、 Depict and Understand the Current State of China bu Use of Data
                                                        --The Past and Present of Data Book and Data Book Database

               —— Shouguang Xie    Director, Social Sciences Academic Press (China)

7、 Mobile Publishing and Mobile Digital Libraries

                —— Chen Wu
                                            Senior Researcher, Technical Research Department of Cloud Publishing, CNKI

8、 Impact of Chinese Digital Publishing’s Soft Power on the International Academia

         —— Li Wang     Curator of East Asian Collection, Brown University

6.16  Plenary Discussion   Session III Topic: Embedded Service of Libraries

9、 Institution-Oriented & Scholar-Centered Academic Outputs Ecosystem:
                                             Implementation and Services

          —— Hua Nie     Deputy Director, Peking University Library

10、 The Fragmented Knowledge Discovery and Service

          —— Haitao Xiong     Senior Researcher, Department of Innovative Development, CNKI

11、 The Development Trends of Academic Libraries under a Dynamic Environment

                —— Hao-Ren Ke     Librarian, Taiwan Normal University Library

12、 New Trends of China Studies and Digital Resources Service in Europe

                —— Matthias Kaun
                                            Librarian, East Asia Library, Germany Berlin National Library, Germany

13、 Scholarly Communication: The Future

                —— Woei Fuh Wong    Publishing Consultant, iGroup Asia Pacific Ltd.

14、 Countries of Silk Road: Digital Publishing in Belarus

   PPT Download Unauthorized    —— Dr. Alexandr Zimenko     President, Belarus Museums Association


6.16  Plenary Discussion   SessionIV Topic: Digitalization and Academic Research

15、 The Role of Digitalized Socio-economic Data in China Study

          —— Steven Ke     General Manager, Overseas Knowledge Management Company, CNKI

16、 The University East Asian Libraries Serve the Communities: Take as an Example
                                    the Collection and Utilization of the Historical Materials of the Chinese in Columbus

          —— Guoqing Li     Professor, Chinese & Korean Studies Librarian, Ohio State University

17、 Challenges and Responses: The Cornell University Library in the Digital Era

                —— Liren Zheng     Curator, East Asian Library, Cornell University

18、 Digitization and Its Impact on Scholarly Research

         —— Stephen Qiao    
                                          Acting Director of the Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library, University of Toronto


6.17  Panel I   Topic: Forum on Digital Library

19、 Making Sense of Documents, Turning Stone into Gold:
                                          My Discovery of Humanitarian Stories Behind the 1854 Black Ships’ Visit of Japan

   PPT Download Unauthorized    ——Demin Tao     Professor, Kansai University

20、 The Research Process and Service Demand on
                                                Late Registration and Population Census

   PPT Download Unauthorized    —— John Kennedy     Associate Professor, the University of Kansas

21、 Network Analysis on Journal of Library and Information Science in Taiwan

                —— Yaning Chen     Assistant Professor, Tamkang University

22、 「版木」’s Digital Library:
                                                based on the Collection of 「版木」 in Kaitokudo of Osaka University

                —— Kunihiro Yu asa    Professor, Osaka University

32、 Explore on Collection & Management of E-books and Service
                                                in Taiwan Public Library

                —— Yenkai Liu     Assistant Counselor, Taiwan Public Information Library

24、 Aggregating European Scholarly Publishing for Diffusion Worldwide:
                                           the Casalini libri Experience, from Print to Digital

               —— Andrea Ferro
                                          Account Development e-Resources, Middle East and Asia at Casalini libri

25、 Constructing International Cooperation Platform: the Practice of Research Portal

         —— Yaling Huang     Librarian, Taiwan University College of Medicine Library

26、 Information Education in the Library of Palacky University in Olomouc

         —— KELNAROVá Zuzana     Palacky University

27、 User Experience Study on Website Information Framework: an Example from
                                          Popular Science Reading Network and Utility Test in Taiwan Normal University

         —— Zhihui Lv     Department Head, Taiwan Normal University Library


6.17  Panel II   Topic: Forum on Digital Publishing and Institutional Repository Construction


28、 The Repository-oriented Fragmented Processing Solution

          —— Renhui Yuan    Chief Engineer, Digital Publishing Center, CNKI

29、 Construction of Digital Publishing and Institutional Repository Construction

          —— Shengchang Xiang    General Manager, Media Technology Company, CNKI

30、E-books Standards Research for the Demands of Overseas Knowledge Service

          —— Pinshu Yang     Director, International Publishing House, CNKI

31、 The Introduction of Oriental Magazine Database

          —— Jianmin Feng     Project Manager, Digital Publishing Center, The Commercial Press

32、 The Value Application of CNKI in Subject Selection and Planning

                  —— Weiqiang Ma
                                        Director of Marketing, Education and Culture Knowledge Service Company, CNKI


6.17上午 颁奖仪式 学术总结


33、 大会学术总结
聂华 北京大学图书馆副馆长