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Research on the Daylight Saving Movement in 1940s Shanghai

【Author in Chinese】 李玉

【Author】 Li Yu;

【Institution】 南京大学中华民国史研究中心

【Abstract in Chinese】 1940年代,在上海非沦陷时期,"日光节约"运动得到广泛和持续推行。不过,其起止时间屡有变化,缺少规范。此项运动的经济效应虽然并不明显,却不失行政功用与文化意义。实际推行过程中,此制给民众带来的困扰也是明显的,有些行业甚至未蒙其利,实受其害。

【Abstract】 In 1940s,the daylight saving movement was carried out widely and continuously when it had not been occupied by Japanese. However,the start and stop time of the movement was not fixed with the lack of the standard. Although the economic effect of this movement was not significant,but it’s administrative function and culture significance could not been neglected. During the course,the movement also made people feel inconveniently,even to an extent that some industries suffered the losses instead of getting the benefit from it.

【Keywords in Chinese】 1940年代上海《申报》
【Key words】 1940sShanghaiSummer timethe Shun Pao
  • 【Source】 南京社会科学 ,Nanjing Journal of Social Sciences , Editorial E-mail ,2014(02)
  • 【CLC code】K262.9;D693
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