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Double-blind Control Treatment of Huperzine-A and Placebo in 28 Patients with Alzheimer Disease

【Author in Chinese】 刘福根方雍生高之旭周金娣苏美兰

【Author】 Liu Fugen, Fang Yongshen, Gao Zhixu, Zuo Jindi, Sou Meilan Shanghai Mental Health Center, Shanghai 200030, P.R.China

【Institution】 上海市精神卫生中心!200030包头市第二人民医院

【Abstract in Chinese】 用国产胆碱酯酶抑制剂石杉碱甲片,以双盲法治疗28例(治疗组及对照组各14例,治疗组及对照组病例的性别、年龄、病程均无差异)Alzheimer(阿尔茨默)病.剂量为200μg,bid;疗程60d.用WMS评定疗效,治疗组治疗前后分别为51.4±14.1和61.8±15.9,对照组分别为35.6±16.2和37.0±11.4(P<0.005);两组有效率分别为71.4%和25.5%(P<0.005).另外,其他智能量表(HDS,MMSE)及日常生活量在(ADL)治疗前后对比,治疗组比对照组有明显的提高.治疗组中未见明显副作用.本文结果说明,石杉碱甲片对Alzheimer病改善记忆障碍及提高病人的生活功能有效,且片剂更便于病人的服用.

【Abstract】 A comparative study of therapeutic effect between home-made Huperzine-A tablet and placebo was conducted in 28 patients with Alzheimer diseases (AD). 28 patients were e-qually divided into two groups at random. The first group received Huperzine-A tablet and the other group was given placebo. The courses of treatment for two groups last for 60 days. The average doses for both groups were 600 μg/day. There were no significant differences in sex, age between two groups (P>0. 05). After treatment, mean scale score of Huperzine-A group was higher than the placebo group in HDS and MMSE. Moreover, the mean scale score in ADL of Huperzine-A group was lower than that in placebo group. No side effect was observed. It is suggested that Huperzine-A tablet was effective and safe for AD. The tablet of Huperzine-A was more convenient for clinical use in the AD patients.

【Keywords in Chinese】 石杉碱甲Alzheimer病记忆障碍药物评价片剂
【Key words】 Huperzine-A tabletDisturbance of memoryEvaluation of drug
  • 【Source】 药物流行病学杂志 ,Chinese Journal of Pharmaco Epiolemiology , Editorial E-mail ,1995(04)
  • 【CLC code】R749.1
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