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Comparing the biological mechanics behavior of perpendicularly zygomatic-area osseointegrated implant and inclined implant using 3D-FEA method

【Author in Chinese】 赵亮亮洪流任旭春

【Author】 ZHAO Liang-liang, HONG Liu, REN Xu-chun.(Department of prothodontics, School of Stomatology, Peking University, Beijing 100081,China)[

【Institution】 北京大学口腔医学院修复科清华大学固体力学系 硕士生北京100081(现在杭州口腔医院修复科工作)主任医师教授北京100081博士生北京100081

【Abstract in Chinese】 目的:比较上颌骨大型缺损后,行颧区成形术,在颧骨体底部垂直于牙合平面方向植入的种植体,与直接往颧骨体斜向30°植入的种植体在垂直牙合力作用下表现的生物力学行为差异。方法:按照两个不同种植体义颌的设计特点建立两个一侧上颌骨大型缺损种植体复合体的三维有限元模型,在相同的垂直于牙合平面加载100N,比较两者的受力情况。结果:斜向植入种植体颈部最大等效应力约是垂直植入种植体的4倍;最大拉应力约是垂直植入种植体的10倍;最大压应力约是垂直植入种植体的5倍;最大剪应力约是垂直植入种植体的4倍。虽然两者在颧骨体以外其余部位的应力分布均类似于颧突支柱的应力传导路径,但斜向种植体受侧向力后在主要传导路径上的最大应力值都要明显高于垂直种植体的轴向受力情况。结论:无论是颧骨体研究区的应力分布,还是颧骨体以外其余颅骨骨质的应力情况,垂直植入都要明显优于斜向植入。提示采用在颧区垂直种植的颧颊翼种植体义颌,比颧骨体斜向种植的常规种植体义颌具有优越的生物力学表现。

【Abstract】 Objective: To compare the biological mechanics behavior of osseointegrated implants with two directions in zygomatic body. One was implanted into zygoma-area perpendicularly to occlusal plane . The other was implanted into zygomatic body in the defect cavity, across with horizontal plane at an angle of 30 degree. Methods: Two three-dimensional finite element models of implants in defective maxillary complex were built according to the designs above. The different biological mechanics behavior was shown under the same loading perpendicular to occlusal plane with a value of 100 N. Results: Equivalent stress in cervical region of implant-bone interface of oblique implant was about four times larger than upright implant. The maximal tensile stress was 10 times larger than upright implant; the maximal compressive stress 5 times; and the maximal shearing stress 4 times. Though the stress conductions of two models were all simulated with zygoma-tuberosity buttress, stresses of the instance of lateral force were much larger than that of axial force in other skull bones. Conclusions: Whether stress distribution in studied area or other skull bones, the state of perpendicularly implant is much surperior to oblique implant. It is suggested that the biological mechanics behavior of zygomatic-area perpendicular implant used in zygo-buccal flange osseointegrated implant obturator is much superior to the conventional obturator with zygomatic implant inclined.

  • 【Source】 口腔颌面修复学杂志 ,Chinese Journal of Prosthodontics , Editorial E-mail ,2005(01)
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