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The Right to Development in International Law:New Momentum Thirty Years Down the Line?

【Author in Chinese】 卡琳·阿特斯瓦塔邦加贡·托莫徐云霞

【Author】 Karin Arts;Atabongawung Tamo;Xu Yunxia;

【Institution】 荷兰鹿特丹伊拉斯姆斯大学国际社会科学研究所上海大学法学院

【Abstract in Chinese】 发展权在国际法、政治和实践中都存在着较大的争议。尽管联合国《发展权利宣言》通过30年来,现行国际法为发展权问题提供了许多实质性指导,发展权从联合国《变革我们的世界:2030年可持续发展议程》及其可持续发展目标中也得到很多新启示,但争议现象仍然存在。本文主要探讨了可能促进国际法中发展权实现的新动力。关于发展权的确切内容和涵义的分歧——在实质及政治层面——在南北方国家之间以及南北方国家内部普遍存在。如今,这些分歧对发展权问题的规范性界定、后续行动和实施措施都会产生一定的影响。因此,应注重采取实务的方法,通过现有的国际法规定以重振发展权,而不是建立新的法律规范框架。本文在简要介绍发展权的历史演变之后,研究了联合国《发展权利宣言》中设想的此权利的性质、实质及影响,并分析如何更加明确具体地利用现行国际法有关规定,促进发展权在今后的实际应用中得到真正的贯彻落实。其中有三种具体的执行措施或许可以产生积极影响:国际间的合作发展,问责与监督机制,区域和区域间的规范与程序。

【Abstract】 The right to development( RTD) is contested in international law,politics and practice. This remains the case,despite the 30-year existence of the United Nations Declaration on the Right to Development( UNDRTD),the many substantive leads that current international law provides,and the renewed inspiration that can be drawn from Agenda 2030 and its sustainable development goals. This article explores whether there is a possible new momentum for the RTD in international law. Deep substantive and political divisions about the exact content and implications of the RTD prevail between—and within—the North and the South. Up to now these divisions have stood in the way of achieving greater normative clarity,follow-up and implementation action. This state of affairs has directed us to adopt a pragmatic approach,by which we consider the scope for revitalizing the RTD through existing provisions of international law,rather than by creating additional normative frameworks. Thus,after a short sketch of the historical evolution of the RTD,we examine the nature,substance and implications of this right as conceived in the UNDRTD. Then,we pursue the question of how existing provisions of international law could be mobilized more explicitly for the sake of revitalizing the RTD and more in particular for its actual realization in the future. Three concrete means of implementation provide at least some prospect for positive change international cooperation for development,accountability and monitoring mechanisms,and regional and inter-regional instruments and procedures.

  • 【Source】 国际法研究 ,Chinese Review of International Law , Editorial E-mail ,2017(01)
  • 【CLC code】D998.2
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