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,"Direct Command"and the referential rules of the third personal pronoun ta(他)within syntactic structures in Chinese

【Author in Chinese】 沈阳董红源

【Author】 Shen,Yang Dong Hongyuan

【Institution】 北京大学中文系美国康内尔大学语言学系 北京大学汉语语言学研究中心 100871

【Abstract in Chinese】 本文主要从句法形式角度讨论第三人称代词"他"在句子结构内的所指关系:一方面注意了动词子语类化结构对人称代词所指的制约作用,分别考察了简单动词结构、矢量复合动词结构、宾语从句结构等各种结构中人称代词的所指差异;另一方面则尝试把"约束原则"和"统制原则"与"中心语参数"结合,建立"直接统制"的概念和负向条件的句内人称代词所指规则,从而更加统一地解释了汉语句内人称代词的所指规律。文章同时也讨论了"论元(NP)溢出"对判定话题化结构和关系化结构中复述代词所指的作用。

【Abstract】 This paper focuses on the co-referential question about the third personal pronoun ta within the syntactic structures in Chinese,and strives to search out comparatively rigorous syntactical formalconditions.On one hand,this essay takes notice of the conditionality on the personal pronoun whichis operated by the so-called verbs’ sub-categorization,and examines,respectively,the personalpronoun internal co-referential problems presented in simple object-predicate structure,vectorcompound verbal structure,accusative subordinate clause structure,topicalization structure,andrelativization structure,etc.On the other hand,the essay pays attention to the conjunction of"binding-B theory","C-command rules"and"head parameter",defines the"direct command"concept,and sets up the internal structural co-referential rules of personal pronoun which are mainlyconcerning the negative conditions,resulting in a much more uniform and logical explanation on theChinese personal pronoun referential disciplinarian.The ssay also talks over the determinant role that is acted on the iterant pronoun by the argument extravasations.

【Fund】 国家社科基金项目“现代汉语语义指向研究”(项目批准号:99BYY005);教育部人文社会科学重点研究基地重大项目“面向中文信息处理的现代汉语语义指向研究”(项目批准号:01JAZJD740002)的资助。
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