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Progress on chiral dendrimeric phosphorous ligands in asymmetric catalytic hydrogenations

【Author in Chinese】 马保德范青华

【Author】 MA BaoDe & FAN QingHua CAS Key Laboratory of Molecular Recognition and Function,Institute of Chemistry,Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS),Beijing 100190,China

【Institution】 中国科学院化学研究所中国科学院分子识别与功能重点实验室

【Abstract in Chinese】 树状大分子作为一类组成精确的超支化结构大分子,近十多年来引起了科学家们的广泛关注.作为一类新型可溶性载体应用于均相催化剂,尤其是手性均相催化剂的负载化研究是树状大分子的重要应用领域之一.本文主要介绍了手性树状大分子膦配体,包括膦配体位于树状分子核心、末端和表面的几种类型,重点对它们与金属配合物形成的催化剂在不对称催化氢化反应中的应用研究进行总结,同时对负载催化剂的分离与回收、树状分子载体的结构和体积对催化剂性能的影响进行了讨论.

【Abstract】 Dendrimers are hyperbranched and well-defined macromolecules and have been attracting increasing attention over the past decade.A promising application of dendrimers is their use as soluble supports for the immobilization of homogeneous catalysts,particularly the often expensive chiral catalysts.In this review,chiral dendrimers bearing phosphorous units located at the core or on the periphery of the dendrimer will be described,focusing on their applications in the asymmetric catalytic hydrogenations.The catalyst recycling and the effects of the dendritic structure and size(generation) on the catalytic performance are discussed.

【Fund】 科技部(2010CB833300,2009ZX09501-017);国家自然科学基金委(20973178);中国科学院项目的资助
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