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Revisiting the Far Eastern Agreement at Yalta:Ambassador Fu Bingchangs Record of Events

【Abstract in Chinese】 1945年美英苏在雅尔塔达成的有关战时和战后远东问题的协议,对于中国有重要的影响。中国驻苏大使傅秉常较早得知了雅尔塔会议的有关情况,但并未得知秘密协议的内容,他的工作对于蒋介石决定对苏政策具有一定的影响。实际上,苏联和美国在雅尔塔会议前后的政策都是一如既往,而雅尔塔会议也将所有的问题暴露无遗,包括国与国之间的利益冲突和战略对立,这些也许是导致冷战来临的原因。在许多方面,冷战和第二次世界大战是紧密相连的,虽然战争最后结束了,但事实上东亚的问题和斗争仍在继续。

【Abstract】 In 1945,the Soviet Union,the United States and the United Kingdom reached an a-greement concerning the war-time and post-war Far East affairs at Yalta.This agreement had very important effect on China.Fu Bingchang,Chinese ambassador to the Soviet Union,got some information about the Yalta summit but failed to have any knowledge of the contents of that confidential agreement.Fu’s work had some influence on Chiang Kai-shek’s policy to the Soviet Union.Since neither the Soviet Union nor the United States changed its policy before and after the Yalta summit,all the problems,such as conflicting interests and opposing strategies,showed themselves,hence the Cold War.In many aspects,the Cold War and the World War Ⅱ are causally related.Politicians declared an end to the War,but the fighting and problems in East Asia continued.

【Keywords in Chinese】 雅尔塔协议远东问题傅秉常
  • 【Source】 南京大学学报(哲学.人文科学.社会科学版) ,Journal of Nanjing University(Philosophy,Humanities and Social Sciences) , Editorial E-mail ,2008(01)
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