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Comparison of Changes in Protective Enzymes and Metabolites and Drought Tolerance of Several Species of Desert Plants

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【Author in Chinese】 杨斯亮

【Supervisor】 张国盛

【Author's Information】 内蒙古农业大学, 林业硕士(专业学位), 2018, 硕士

【Abstract in Chinese】 本文以沙柳、紫穗槐、沙枣、小檗、黄柳、沙柳、蛇葡萄、杠柳这八种沙生植物为研究对象,通过研究8种沙生植物在干旱胁迫的代谢产物(丙二醛、脯氨酸)、保护性酶(SOD、POD)的变化,并运用隶属函数进行综合比较,旨在筛选出耐旱性较强的树种,研究结果表明:(1)在干旱胁迫下,不同植物的保护性酶表现出一定的差异:随干旱程度的加深,杠柳、紫穗槐、沙柳、蛇葡萄的SOD活性逐渐上升,其他四种植物的SOD活性先升高后降低;沙枣、蛇葡萄的POD活性逐渐升高,黄柳POD活性逐渐降低,其他五种植物POD活性先上升后降低再上升。(2)在干旱胁迫下,不同植物的丙二醛含量均逐渐增加,脯氨酸的变化表现出一定的差异:随干旱程度的加深,黄柳的Pro增加逐渐增加,杠柳、紫穗槐、沙柳的Pro含量先增加后减少再增加,乌柳、小檗、沙枣、蛇葡萄的Pro含量则表现为先增加后减少。对于脯氨酸在植物抗旱性的研究中存在的意义在今后的试验中要根据所选择的植物和所处环境进行进一步的研究和分析。(3)因实验过程中水分未保持在同一水平区间,因此,选择低水分区间植物的隶属函数排序,并结合该区间六种植物自然分布状况及立地特征进行耐旱性排序:紫穗槐>杠柳>小檗>沙柳>黄柳>乌柳。

【Abstract】 In this paper,the eight species of sand plants,Salix psammophila C.Wang et Ch.Y.Yang,Salix cheilophila Schneid,Salix gordejevii Y.L.Chang et Sk V.,Amorpha fruticosa Linn.,Ampelopsis aconitifolia Bunge,Berberis thunbergii DC.,Periploca sepium Bunge in Mem.Acad,and Elaeagnus angustifolia Linn will be studied,By studying the changes of metabolites(MDA,pro)and protective enzymes(SOD,POD)of eight species of desert plants under drought stress,a comprehensive comparison was performed using membership functions to screen for drought tolerance Strong tree species,research results show:(1)Under drought stress,the protective enzymes of different plants show some differences: With the deepening of the drought,the SOD activity of P.chinensis,A.fruticosa,Salix psammophila,and Ampelopsis aconitifolia gradually increased,and the activities of SOD in other four plants increased first and then decreased;The POD activity of E.armenioides and S.vulgaris increased gradually,and POD activity of Salix gordejevii gradually decreased.The POD activity of the other five plants increased first,then decreased and then increased.(2)Under drought stress,the MDA content of different plants gradually increased.Changes in Pro content show some differences: With the deepening of the drought,the Pro content of Salix gordejevii will increase gradually,and the Pro content of Periploca sepium,Amorpha fruticosa,Salix psammophila increased first,then decreased and then increased.The Pro content of Salix cheilophila,Berberis thunbergii,Elaeagnus angustifolia,and Ampelopsis aconitifolia was increased first and then decreased.There is no consistent rule for the change of Pro content accumulation in different tree species under different degrees of drought.(2)The significance of proline in the study of drought resistance of plants In future experiments,further research and analysis should be conducted according to the selected plant and its environment.(3)Because the moisture did not remain in the same horizontal interval during the experiment,the order of membership functions in the low-moisture zone was selected.Combined with the natural distribution and site characteristics of the six plants in the interval,the drought-tolerance ranking was carried out: Amorphafruticosa Linn.> Periploca sepium Bunge in Mem.Acad.> Berberis thunbergii DC.> Salix psammophila C.Wang et Ch.Y.Yang.> Salix gordejevii Y.L.Chang et SkV.> Salix cheilophila Schneid.

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