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Arid Area of Rural Land Consolidation Capacity Potential Measurement Study

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【Author in Chinese】 杨召

【Supervisor】 徐华君

【Author's Information】 新疆大学, 地理学, 2013, 硕士


【Abstract in Chinese】 我国社会经济的快速发展,各类用地紧张的矛盾越来越突出,所谓地广人稀的西北部干旱区也随着我国西部大开发和援建项目的实施愈加感受到土地资源的紧张。另一方面,土地的紧缺特别是耕地资源的不断减少给我国的粮食安全也带来了巨大的压力。随着我国人民对生活水平和生活质量的要求的持续提高,现阶段我国的粮食生产越来越难以满足百姓对粮食质与量的要求,粮食增产的难度加大和土壤退化与污染导致粮食减产与质量下降等问题愈加凸显出来。近年来我国粮食进口量逐年攀升,尤其是2012年我国粮食进口量再创新高。土地整理在缓解用地矛盾、保证粮食安全等方面的作用越来越不可忽视。本文在对国内关于土地整理及土地整理潜力相关研究的基础上,结合产能核算理论,对干旱区农村土地整理的实际状况进行了研究,用产能潜力对干旱区农村土地整理的潜力进行定性和定量的表达。并以新疆维吾尔自治区阿克苏地区拜城县为例测算农村土地整理的潜力,测算结果得出拜城县农村土地整理产能潜力为207657.05t,并据此为主要依据,绘制出土地整理潜力分级图,直观明了地反映出拜城县各乡镇的土地整理潜力大小。对耕地整理产能潜力和居民点整理产能潜力分别测算的结果表明,拜城县耕地整理潜力巨大,但居民点整理潜力小,基本反映出拜城县农村及农业发展的现状。通过对干旱区农村土地整理过程中存在的问题进行了分析研究,提出具有针对性的对策建议,为干旱区农村土地整理工作的决策、规划和实施提供一定的科学依据。

【Abstract】 China’s rapid social and economic development, more and more intensified landcontradictions, sparsely populated northwest arid area on the left in our country givesas China’s western development and implementation of aiding program for Xinjiangincreasingly feel the tension in the land resources. On the other hand, the shortage ofland, especially cultivated land resources dwindling brought great pressure to China’sfood safety. Agricultural development is lagging behind in our industry. With thecontinuous improvement of our people’s standard of living and quality of liferequirements, stage of China’s grain production is more and more difficult to meet therequirements of the people on food quality and quantity, food production moredifficult and lead to grain production by the decline in the quality of soil degradationand pollution, these issues become more prominent. In recent years, China’s grainimports increased year by year, in particular, China’s grain inputs in2012, a new high.Land consolidation plays an indispensable role in alleviate land use conflicts, and toensure food security.Of domestic on land collate and land finishing potential related researchfoundation on production can accounting theory arid area of rural land finishing theactual conduct research, both qualitative and quantitative expression of potentialproduction capacity potential of arid area of rural land finishing the. And estimatesthe potential of rural land consolidation Case of Baicheng estimates worship Countyrural land the finishing capacity potential207657.05t draw land consolidationpotential classification map reflect intuitive to understand worship County townshipsconsolidation potential size. Potential farmland consolidation capacity and settlementsfinishing capacity potential estimates, know worship County Cultivated LandConsolidation has great potential, while rural residential land consolidation potentialis small, reflect status of Baicheng rural and agricultural development. Arid area ofrural land consolidation process analysis, put forward relevant suggestions, and toprovide a scientific basis for decision-making, planning and implementation of thearid zone of rural land consolidation work.

  • 【Contributor】 新疆大学
  • 【Year of Internet Publish】2013S1
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