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The Design and Implementationfor of Scientific Culture Communication Platform for Cold and Arid Regions

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【Author in Chinese】 俞杰

【Supervisor】 蒙应杰张耀南

【Author's Information】 兰州大学, 软件工程(专业学位), 2013, 硕士

【Abstract in Chinese】 当前,国内外不乏科学文化传播平台的建设,并且其中一些平台所使用的技术新颖,传播模式具有鲜明特色,但相对于寒旱区科学文化传播来说存在一定的不足。在此背景下,寒旱区科学文化传播平台的建设对寒旱区的网络科普工作具有深远的意义及积极的示范性作用。本论文论述了寒旱区科学文化传播平台的建设情况,论文的主要研究工作及其取得的成果包括以下几个方面内容。(1)分析了寒旱区科学文化传播平台需解决的问题,确立了寒旱区科学文化传播平台建设的总体目标,设计了平台的总体框架与体系结构,规划了平台的功能,确定了平台开发、设计及部署的软硬件环境;(2)分析并论述了寒旱区科学文化传播平台各类数据的组织及管理方法,并设计了平台的数据结构;(3)论述了各学科专栏、科普电视节目、虚拟体验馆、虚拟实践中心、以及寒旱区科学文化传播平台管理系统的设计,并对平台中的关键及重点功能模块做了详细的算法设计及实现。

【Abstract】 At present, there are a lot of scientific culture communication platform at home and abroad, and some of them using the new technology, propagation model has striking feature, but there are certain deficiencies in scientific culture communication for cold and arid regions. On this background, Buliding on scientific culture communication platform for cold and arid regions makes profound significance and positive role model for pop-science work in cold and arid regions.This thesis discusses the construction of scientific culture communication platform for cold and arid regions, The main contents and research results of this tesis includes some following aspects.(1)Analysis issues to be solved in scientific culture communication platform for cold and arid regions, establishment of the platform construction target, design the platform’s framework and platform structure, programming the platform’s function, establishment of software and hardware environment in developing designing and deploying the platform.(2) Analying and discussing the methods of data organization and management in scientific culture communication platform, and designing the platform’s data structures.(3)Discussion the design of platform’s subject column, television porgrams of pop-science, virtual experience museum, virtual practice museum and management of the platform, and designing and implementation of the key algorithms in detail.

  • 【Contributor】 兰州大学
  • 【Year of Internet Publish】201404
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