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Secondary Metabolites of 6 Endophytic Fungi Inhabiting in Desert Plants

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【Author in Chinese】 李露莹

【Supervisor】 丁刚

【Author's Information】 北京协和医学院, 中药学, 2018, 硕士

【Abstract in Chinese】 植物内生真菌(endophytic fungi)是指生活在宿主植物不同组织或器官中的真菌。随着对植物内生真菌次生代谢产物的不断深入研究,从普通生境来源的植物内生真菌中寻找结构新颖、活性显著的化合物越来越难。而生活于草原及荒漠这两类特殊生境植物中的内生真菌由于其宿主环境的独特性(适应其生物与非生物因素影响),往往能产生结构新颖、活性显著的次生代谢产物。所以本论文选择了荒漠植物中的6株内生真菌作为研究对象,以期获得更多结构新颖,生物活性较好的先导化合物。本论文采用硅胶色谱,SephadexLH-20,薄层色谱和半制备高效液相色谱等多种分离纯化技术以及现代波谱分析技术(IR,UV,1HNMRR,3CNMR,IH-IH COSY,HSQC,HMBC,NOESY,ESI-MS,X-Ray 等)对 6 株荒漠植物内生真菌 Rhinocladiella similis(TL-1-3),Paraphoma sp.(HR-12-1),Embellisia chlamydospora(TR-6-2),Embellisia chlamydospora(AR-14-22),Paraphoma chrysanthemicola(TR-2-3),Phoma betae(TS-10-1)进行了化学成分研究,从其乙酸乙酯提取物中分离并鉴定了 32个化合物,其中从R.simili 中分离出11个化合物(1-11),其中1,2,5-9为新化合物;从Paraphomasp.中分离出12个化合物(12-23),其中13-15为新化合物。从其他4株植物内生真菌得到9个化合物(24-32)。活性测试结果表明,化合物1,4,6和10表现出对U937癌细胞系的弱细胞毒活性,化合物26,27具有抑制拟南芥根生长的活性。此外,本论文还对来源于草原与荒漠植物内生真菌次生代谢产物研究概况进行了综述,为进一步开展同类研究提供了参考。

【Abstract】 Endophytic fungi are a member of unique fungi that live in different tissues or organs of a host plant.With the continuously chemical investigation on the secondary metabolites of endophytic fungi,it becomes more and more difficult to find novel and active compounds from endophytic fungi inhabiting common habitats.Endophytic fungi of unique niches evolve different gene clusters with the potentials to produce secondary metabolites with vitally chemical ecological roles to adapte to their biological and abiotic factors.Therefore,six endophytic fungi isolated from desert plants were selected to obtain novel bioactive secondary metabolites as the lead compounds for drug or agricultural chemicals discovery.The EtOAc extract of six endophytic fungi Rhinocladiella similis(TL-1-3),Paraphoma sp.(HR-12-1),Embellisia chlamydospora(TR-6-2),Embellisia chlamydospora(AR-14-22),Paraphoma chrysanthemicola(TR-2-3),Phoma betae(TS-10-1)were chemically investigated,and 32 compounds(1-32)were isolated.Based on chromatographic approaches,11 compounds(1-11)were isolated from the EtOAc extract of R.similis.These compounds were elucidated by different spectroscopic analysis(IR,UV,1H-NMR,13C-NMR,HSQC,HMBC,ROESY,ESI-MS,CD,and XRD),among which compounds 1,2,5-9 were new compounds.12 compounds(12-23)including three new compounds 12-14 were isolated and identified from the EtOAc extract of Paraphoma sp..Compounds 24-32 were isolated from other 4 endophytic fungi.Biological evaluation showed that compounds 1,4,6 and 10 displayed low cytotoxic activities against U937 cancer cell lines,and 26 and 27 have the bioactivity of inhibiting root growth of Arabidopsis seedlings.In addition,the structures and bioactivities of secondary metabolites from endophytic fungi inhabting in grassland and desert plants were also reviewed in this paper,which provides foundation for further research.

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