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Study on Performance of Constructed Wetland for Rural Sewage Treatment in Arid Area

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【Author in Chinese】 严弋

【Supervisor】 海热提

【Author's Information】 北京化工大学, 环境科学, 2008, 硕士

【Abstract in Chinese】 本以乌鲁木齐县域为典型干旱区农村,研究构建适合干旱区农村生活污水净化处理的人工湿地系统,力求达成人工湿地污水净化系统在干旱区农村的推广和应用的最终目标。论文的主要研究内容和成果如下:(1)干旱区人工湿地介质填料的研究与开发在实验室内从人工湿地介质填料的材料微观特征、矿物组分、吸附性能、解析效果、经济性等方面对人工湿地介质填料的性能进行综合评价,通过研究探求适合在干旱区生态条件下适合处理净化农村生活污水的介质填料。综合考虑,总体性能好的填料为灰棕漠土、高炉渣。(2)干旱区人工湿地植物水生植物系统构建研究以乌鲁木齐周边常见的水生植物芦苇、美人蕉、菖蒲、香蒲、灯心草等进行研究,通过实验了解这些植物对污染物的去除能力、对氮、磷的去除作用。综合考虑建议在干旱区人工湿地技术净化处理系统中,以芦苇为主要的水生植物,辅以一定的美人蕉和菖蒲。(3)潜流式人工湿地在干旱区运行的中试研究2005年7月-2006年10月,在选择典型干旱区农村乌鲁木齐县平西梁村建立潜流人工湿地的中试模拟装置,对潜流式人工湿地系统进行了15个月的现场监测试验,研究了在干旱地区特殊气候环境的条件下潜流式人工湿地系统全年运行的特点和规律,并分析了在干旱地区水力停留时间和植物收割对于人工湿地污水净化效果的影响规律。

【Abstract】 We consider Urumqi country as a typical country in arid aera. Choose Pingxiliang sewage repair project. Optimization of constructed wetland technology, in order to popularization and application of constructed wetland technology in arid area. The result showed that:(1) The research and development of media filler in constructed wetland in arid area.The utilizing included a tiny view characteristic of material, the mineralcomponent, and adsorption, analysis and price etc. factors of the media filler performance evaluation method, choosing the system media. So the most function excellent had the Gray-brown desert soil and blast furnace slag.(2) The research of building aquatic plant system in constructed wetland in arid area.According to the species of aquatic plants in natural wetlands in Urumchi in arid area, this paper selected plants such as Phragmites communis, Canna generalis, Acorns calamus, Typha orientalis and Juncus effuses, researched on their abilities of removal pollutant in wastewater by experiment, selection 2-3 aquatic plant fit for growing in arid area to effectively remove pollutant in wastewater. Comprehensive consideration application of constructed wetland technology in arid area could mainly use Phragmites communis and Canna generalis, Acorns calamus.(3)The pilot test of operation of subsurface flow constructed wetland in the arid area.Building subsurface flow constructed wetland system at typical country named Pingxiliang in arid area between July 2005 to October 2006.The system of subsurface flow constructed wetland was studied in field for 15 months in arid area of China. The regulation of operating the system of subsurface flow constructed wetland all-years was studied first under the characteristic climate in arid area. Then the influence of HRT (hydraulic retention time) and harvest on wastewater purifying efficiency was studied.

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