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The Analysis on the Effectiveness of Free Education in 2007 for Students in Normal University:The perspectives of rural teachers’ subsidy

【Author in Chinese】 潘一林郑鹏许甜

【Author】 PAN Yi-lin ZHENG Peng XU Tian(Institute of Education,Tsinghua University,Beijing,100084)

【Institution】 清华大学教育研究院

【Abstract in Chinese】 本文采用发生学的分析模式,运用"政策减法"的理论框架,从农村教师补给的角度对2007年师范生免费教育政策的有效性进行了预测性评估,并据此提出政策建议。

【Abstract】 Under the analytic framework of genetics and "policy subtraction" and based on the perspective of rural teachers’ subsidy,this paper conducts the predictive assessment on the effectiveness of free education in 2007 for Students in Normal University.It also offers the policy implications.

  • 【Source】 清华大学教育研究 ,Tsinghua Journal of Education , Editorial E-mail ,2009(06)
  • 【CLC code】G659.2;G525.1
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