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Studies on the Chemical Constituents of the Root of Asarum maximum

【Author in Chinese】 王璇隆长锋蔡少青赵玉英

【Author】 Department of Natural Pharmacy, College of Pharmacy, Beijing University (Beijing 100083) Wang Xuan, Long Changfeng, Cai Shaoqing and Zhao Yuying

【Institution】 北京大学药学院天然药物学系!100083

【Abstract in Chinese】 从细辛属植物大叶马蹄香根Asarum maximum 的乙醇提取物中分离出10 个化合物,经理化常数和光谱鉴定其结构,分别为左旋芝麻脂素(1-sesamin, Ⅰ)、2,4,5-三甲氧基苯甲醛(2,4,5-trimethoxyl-benzaldehyde, Ⅱ)、1-[(2,4,5-三甲氧基)苯基]-1-丙酮(1-[(2,4,5-trimethoxyl)]-phenyl-1-proponone, Ⅲ)、1-[(3,4-二甲氧基)-苯基]-1-丙酮(1-[(3,4-dimetho xyl)]-phenyl-1-proponone, Ⅳ)、β-谷甾醇(β-sitosterol, Ⅴ)、十八酸单甘油酯(glycerol monostearic acid, Ⅵ)、细辛脑(asarone, Ⅶ)、胡萝卜苷(daucosterol, Ⅷ)、马兜铃内酰胺(aristololactam Ⅰ,Ⅸ)、7-甲氧基马兜铃内酰胺Ⅳ(7-methoxylaristololactam Ⅳ,Ⅹ)

【Abstract】 Ten compounds were isolated from the root of Asarum maximum Hemsl. Their structures were identified as l-sesamin (Ⅰ), 2, 4, 5-trimethoxybenzaldehyde (Ⅱ), 1-[(2,4,5-t rimethox y)ph enyl]-1-propanone (Ⅲ), 1-[(3,4-dimethoxy)phenyl]-1-propanone (Ⅳ) , β-sitosterol (Ⅴ), glyceryl monostearate (Ⅵ), asarone (Ⅶ), daucosterol (Ⅷ ), aristololactam Ⅰ (Ⅸ) and 7-methoxyaristololactam Ⅳ (Ⅹ) on the basis o f physicochemical constants and spectral analysis (IR, MS, 1HNMR, 13CNMR). All compounds were obtained from this plant for the first time. Ⅱ, Ⅲ, Ⅳ, Ⅵ and Ⅸ were isolated for the first time from Asarum L,.

【Keywords in Chinese】 细辛属大叶马蹄香左旋芝麻脂素
【Key words】 Asarum L. Asarum maximum Hemsl. l-sesamin
  • 【Source】 中草药 ,Chinese Traditional and Herbal Drugs , Editorial E-mail ,2000(12)
  • 【CLC code】R284.1
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