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Analysis on TB patients’ diagnosis and treatment in different approaches of hospital-TB linkage

【Author in Chinese】 阴佳魏晓林邹冠炀孙强

【Author】 YIN Jia1,WEI Xiao-lin2,ZOU Guan-yang1,et al.1 Nuffield Centre for International Health and Development,University of Leeds,UK LS1 9LJ; 2 School of Public Health and Primary Care,Chinese University of Hong Kong,Hong Kong 999077

【Institution】 英国利兹大学纳菲尔德国际卫生与发展中心香港中文大学公共卫生学院及基层医疗学院山东大学卫生管理与政策研究中心

【Abstract in Chinese】 目的探索不同医防合作形式下的各被调查地区结核病患者就医过程及医疗费用负担情况。方法分层随机抽取三种形式地区,每地区随机抽取50名单纯结核病患者进行问卷和病历调查,对患者的住院情况、延迟、费用及影响费用的因素进行分析。结果定点医院形式被调查地区患者延误时间较短,住院率和医疗费用较低,专科医院则均较高。不同形式,治疗延误和是否住院对医疗费用的影响有统计学意义。结论专科医院和疾控中心形式调查地区患者的经济负担较重,需加强医防合作,加大监管力度,推广定点医院形式。

【Abstract】 Objective To understand TB patients’ diagnosis,treatment and economic burden in three approaches of hospital-TB linkage.Methods Fifty general TB patients were surveyed in two sites of each approach of to understand their hospitalization,delay,medical cost.Inpatient charts of all selected TB patients were also collected.Results Patients from the sites of the designated approach reported the shortest delay,the lowest hospitalization rate and medical cost,while those from sites of the specialist approach reported the worst results.The medical cost was significantly associated with the hospital-TB linkage approach,treatment delay and hospitalization.Conclusion TB incurred a high financial cost for patients under the specialist approach and CDC approach.There is urgent need to enhance the supervision by government and the collaboration between the TB dispensary and hospital,and skill up the designated approach.

【Fund】 DFID “Communicable Diseases:Vulnerability Risk and Poverty”(RGNUFF 460859)
  • 【Source】 中国公共卫生管理 ,Chinese Journal of Public Health Management , Editorial E-mail ,2012(04)
  • 【CLC code】R52
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