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Anti-embedding: Community Dilemma in Extending Agricultural Ecological Environmental Protection Technology from Ecological Civilization Perspective——Taking Extension of SRI in Sichuan as an Example

【Author in Chinese】 徐晓鹏

【Author】 XU Xiao-peng;School of Management,Henan University of Technology;

【Institution】 河南工业大学管理学院

【Abstract in Chinese】 四川省X村是水稻强化栽培体系(简称"SRI")的主要试点村之一,根据该村232份农户问卷数据,运用Binary Logistic回归分析建立模型,从人力资本情况、家庭农业经营情况、家庭外出务工情况和农业生态环保技术情况等4个方面研究生态文明视阈下影响农业生态环保技术推广的"反嵌入"因素与对策。结果表明:家庭农业劳动人数、技术指导学习情况和水稻产量提高情况等3个因素对农业生态环保技术的嵌入效果正向影响显著;年龄、家庭水稻种植面积、家庭外出务工人数、家庭外出务工收入满意度、技术要求复杂程度和生产成本增加情况等6个因素对农业生态环保技术的嵌入效果负向影响显著;性别、文化程度和农业机械化水平等3个因素对农业生态环保技术的嵌入效果影响不显著。

【Abstract】 The X village in Sichuan was one of the main pilot villages of SRI.Based on the survey data collected of 232 farmers from the village,the"anti-embedding"factors were analyzed which influenced the extension of the agricultural ecological environment protection technology from the perspective of ecological civilization including human capital condition,agricultural households’ production condition,migrant workers’ condition,the agricultural environmental protection technology condition with the help of the Binary logistic regression analysis model.The results show that the number of agricultural laborers,technical guidance and learning experience,and the increase of rice yield have positive effect on the embedding effect of the agricultural ecological environment protection technology; meanwhile factors that have negative effect include age,rice planting area of the family,number of migrant workers,income satisfaction as migrant workers,complexity of the technical requirements,and increase of production costs while no significant effect was noticed of such factors as gender,education,the level of agricultural mechanization.

【Fund】 国家社会科学基金青年项目(15CSH050);河南工业大学校基金项目(2013FRJH05);河南工业大学高层次人才基金项目(2013BS016);河南省高校人文社科重点研究基地物流研究中心资助项目(2015-JD-04)
  • 【Source】 农林经济管理学报 ,Journal of Agro-Forestry Economics and Management , Editorial E-mail ,2016(03)
  • 【CLC code】F323.6
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