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Application and Practice of Rice Intensive Cultivation Technology

【Author in Chinese】 黄应权

【Author】 Huang Yingquan;Caiyuan Town Agricultural Extension Service Center of Suichang Country,Lishui City of Zhejiang Province;

【Institution】 浙江省丽水市遂昌县蔡源乡农业推广服务中心

【Abstract in Chinese】 水稻是我国主要的粮食作物之一,已有上千年的栽培历史,对我国农业经济的发展做出了巨大贡献。水稻强化栽培技术是促进水稻增产的新型栽培技术,介绍了水稻强化栽培技术的产量优势、杂交水稻的组合选择,并提出了水稻强化栽培技术的具体实施途径,以期能为农业工作者提供参考。

【Abstract】 Rice is one of the main food crops in China. It had thousands of years cultivation history. And it made great contribution to development of agricultural economy in our country. Rice intensive cultivation technology is a new type of cultivation technology to promote increase of rice yield. Yield advantage and combined selection of hybrid rice of rice intensive cultivation technology were introduced. Concrete implementation ways of rice intensive cultivation technology were put forward in order to provide reference for agricultural workers.

【Keywords in Chinese】 水稻强化栽培技术实践
【Key words】 RiceIntensive cultivation technologyPractice
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