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On Building China’s Comprehensive Investment Treaty Framework

【Author in Chinese】 孙劲

【Author】 Sun Jin;

【Abstract in Chinese】 近年来,中国已快速成长为对外投资大国,需要树立资本输出国思维,同时中国对外投资面临众多现实风险,且国际上频繁发生外国投资者与东道国之间的投资争端。这种情况下,中国应加大对外投资的条约保障,从全面、全程保护中国对外投资的角度构建全方位对外投资条约体系,既加强由专门涉及投资保护的双边投资协定及相关多边公约组成的"核心条约"建设,也重视经贸、司法协助、领事、军事等"辅助性条约"建设,从而形成完备的条约体系。为此,中国需及早着手对旧的投资保护协定进行全面清理和修订;适时解决核心多边国际公约适用问题;依托"一带一路"建设加强与重点国家的缔约规划;继续积极推动多边投资规则制定。

【Abstract】 China has become a major outbound investment country in recent years which require a change of mentality as a capital export country in this regard. China also faces numerous risks concerning the outbound investment activities as well as potential State-investor claims. To protect the overseas investment,China should build a comprehensive treaty framework by concluding core investment treaties and other relevant supporting treaties in a coordinated and well-planed way with each and every important foreign partner countries.

【Keywords in Chinese】 对外投资条约体系双边投资协定
【Key words】 Outbound InvestmentTreaty FrameworkBIT
  • 【Source】 国际法研究 ,Chinese Review of International Law , Editorial E-mail ,2017(02)
  • 【CLC code】D922.295
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