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Grundmann’ s Interpretation of Marxist Nature-view

【Author in Chinese】 熊敏

【Author】 Xiong Min (School of Marxism,Zhongnan University of Economics & Law,Wuhan 430073,Hubei,China)

【Institution】 中南财经政法大学马克思主义学院

【Abstract in Chinese】 在瑞尼尔.格伦德曼看来,要正确理解生态问题首先需要区分自然观中的人类中心视角与生态中心视角。他对人类中心视角表示赞同,认为人与自然的关系取决于人类的兴趣和需要。他对"生态问题"做出界定,认为它是人类作用于自然的结果,技术和组织的复杂性使人类的有意识活动往往不能达到其目的,引起生态问题。他对马克思的自然观得以发展和运用的条件展开考察,强调"支配自然"概念的转义和"生产力增长"的双重含义。

【Abstract】 According to Reiner Grundmann,the precondition of understanding ecological problems properly is to make discrimination between ecological world-view and anthropocentric world-view,and it seems that the latter is more agreeable.He makes a definition on "ecological problems",pointing out that they are the results of human actions on nature.He investigates the conditions with which the Marxist nature-view develops and gets applied,emphasizes the conceptual transformation of"domination of nature"and the double meanings of the term "growth of productive forces".

【Keywords in Chinese】 格伦德曼生态学马克思主义
【Key words】 GrundmannecologyMarxism
  • 【Source】 武汉大学学报(人文科学版) ,Wuhan University Journal(Humanity Sciences) , Editorial E-mail ,2009(06)
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