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Research on Key Issues of Subsequent Legal Response to the South China Sea Arbitration Case

【Author in Chinese】 管建强

【Author】 Guan Jianqiang;

【Institution】 华东政法大学

【Abstract in Chinese】 南海仲裁庭先后作出的"管辖权裁决"和"最终裁决"均反映出仲裁庭滥用职权,肆意扩大自身管辖范围。仲裁庭的裁决严重违背《联合国海洋法公约》有关强制仲裁的前置程序和排除性例外的规定,并歪曲解释该公约的受案范围。如此严重背离《联合国海洋法公约》程序性规则的裁决当属无效。为捍卫国际法治秩序和《联合国海洋法公约》框架下争端解决机制的公正性和权威性,为维护南海地区的和平与稳定和中国南海海域的合法权益,中国应继续以法理为基础,谴责仲裁庭违反程序行为,并通过外交活动推动《联合国海洋法公约》缔约国公开支持中国立场;同时,结合有区别的原则,遏制菲律宾破坏国际法治的行为。

【Abstract】 Regardless of the Chinese government’s position of "no acceptance,no participation,no recognition and no implementation",the Hague Tribunal of the South China Sea arbitration case between China and the Philippines issued its verdict as fully supported the Philippines. Although the verdict evidently violates the international law in many respects,China is bound to face unprecedented pressure in the legal aspect. In order to offset the long-term negative effects the verdict may bring to China’s interests in the South China Sea,it is necessary to research into the key issue of subsequent legal response to the South China Sea arbitration case. For this purpose,the article first analyzes the issue whether the arbitration tribunal has the right to arbitrate in the name of the Permanent Court of Arbitration. Then,it lays special emphasis on the analysis and arguments of the arbitration tribunal’s act of abusing competence-competence as well as the its incorrect ruling on some substantial issues which is beyond the purview of the United Nations Conventions on the Law of the Sea( hereafter referred to as "UNCLOS"). At last,the article demonstrates the legal methods of offsetting the negative effects of the "arbitration award",and constructively proposes the solution in striving for the understanding and support of most contracting parties of the UNCLOS by presenting facts and demonstrating jurisprudence,so that the international community would reach the consensus that the arbitration tribunal has abused its right of jurisdiction.

【Keywords in Chinese】 南海仲裁案强制仲裁管辖权领土争端
【Fund】 国家社科基金重大项目“构建中国特色军事法治体系的核心问题研究”(项目批准号:14ZDC035)的阶段性成果
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