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Developing Trend of High Velocity Reentry Vehicle for Precise AttackingChinese Full Text

NIE Wansheng,FENG Biming(Department of Space Equipment,Academy of Equipment,Beijing 101416,China)

Abstract:The characteristics of the boost-glide,ballistic reentry,gliding reentry and fractional orbit bombardment system are obtained by the research of different schemes of high velocity reentry-to-ground precise attacking vehicle.This paper analyzes the technology difficulties and current development in aerodynamic,aerothermodynamics,navigation/guidance and flight control with the development of high velocity reentry-to-ground precise attacking vehicle,and give some suggestions for the development of high velocity reentry-to-ground precise attacking vehicle.
  • Series:

    (C) Architecture/ Energy/ Traffic/ Electromechanics, etc

  • Subject:

    Weapon Industry and Military Technology

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