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A survey of foreign warship magnetic field characteristic research and warship protection techniquesFull-text in Chinese

ZHU Shi-cai;MU Lan;LIU Zhi-jun;WANG De-qing;Underwater Test and Control Technology Institute;

Abstract:With the continuous improvement of acoustic and acoustic warfare technology,many countries pay more and more attention to the characteristics of warship magnetic field and carry out the research. They apply the results to the development of underwater weapons and the warship self-protection,in order to both attack the enemies and protect themselves effectively. Based on the principal and source of warship magnetic field characteristics,this paper surveys the advanced methods of warship magnetic protection and introduces the advanced warship magnetic protection systems at present in the world.
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    (C) Architecture/ Energy/ Traffic/ Electromechanics, etc

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    Weapon Industry and Military Technology; Shipping Industry

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