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A preliminarily exploration of exploitation strategies for Nansha fisheryFull-text in Chinese

AI Hong;ZHANG Liping;PAN Xinglei;ZHANG Peng;CHEN Guobao;LI Yongzhen;Key Lab.of South China Sea Fishery Resources Exploitation & Utilization,Ministry of Agriculture;South China Sea Fisheries Research Institute,Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences;Regional Bureau of South China Sea Fishery Management,Ministry of Agriculture;

Abstract:The paper describes the development status of Nansha fishery,analyzes the problems and major constraints upon its development,proposes the principles for the future development and puts forward some advices which include: establishing corresponding coordination institutions,strengthening infrastructure construction,expanding fishing fleets,improving insurance policies,increasing fishing diesel subsidies,setting up normalized mechanism of cruising for fishing protection,optimizing composition of fishing operation ways and distribution of fishery production,developing featured culture and enhancement of coral reefs,establishing cold chain logistics and providing lively fresh products transportation services,facilitating construction of fishermen militia,combatting illegal fishing,strengthening fishery cooperation with neighboring countries of the South China Sea,enhancing marine environmental protection as well as promoting scientific researches on Nansha fishery. The paper provides references for development of China’s Nansha fishery.
  • Series:

    (D) Agriculture; (J) Economics & Management

  • Subject:

    Aquaculture and Fishery; Agriculture Economy

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