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Effects of Acupuncture from Tiaokou to Chenshan and Exercise on Shoulder-hand Syndrome at Stage Ⅰ after StrokeFull-text in Chinese

ZHOU Liang;ZHU Gen-ying;TAN Tong-cai;SHI Jun-jie;YE Xiang-ming;Department of Rehabilitation,Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital;Zhejiang Medical College;

Abstract:Objective To observe the effect of acupuncture penetrated from Tiaokou(ST38) to Chenshan(BL57) combined with exercise on affected limbs of shoulder-hand syndrome(SHS) at stage I after stroke.Methods 40 inpatients with SHS at stage I after stroke from January,2013 to December,2014 were randomly divided into treatment group(n=20) and control group(n=20).The treatment group accepted acupuncture from Tiaokou to Chenshan on unaffected sides and exercise of affected upper limbs,and the control group accetpted routine acupuncture on Triple Shoulder Acupoints on affected sides.They were assessed with Pain Rating Index(PRI),Fugl-Meyer Assessment(FMA) and modified Barthel Index(MBI) before and 4 weeks after intervention.Results The incidence of improvement was 90% in the treatment group,and 80% in the control group(χ2=0.784,P=0.376).The scores of PRI decreased(t>5.37,P<0.001),and the score of FMA and MBI increased(t>4.66,P<0.001) significantly after intervention.The score of FMA and MBI improved more in the treatment group than in the control group(t>2.25,P<0.05).Conclusion Acupuncture from Tiaokou to Chenshan combined with exercise is more effective on SHS at stage I after stroke than conventional Triple Shoulder Acupoints.
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