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Abstract:This article reviews the practice and effectiveness of the Modi Administration’s issue by issue diplomatic strategy towards China,summarizing the Modi Administration’s approach as"issue by issue diplomacy".Essentially,Modi’s approach has been to view China-India relations as a set of issues needing resolution,with India making demands towards China with respect to these issues.In turn,India evaluates whether China’s response to these issues gives India sufficient respect,and whether China places sufficient importance on Sino-India relations,which it takes into consideration in determining its next diplomatic moves vis-à-vis China.The article identifies that the"issue by issue diplomacy"of the Modi Administration towards China can be summarized as having the following characteristics:no concern for the overall state of relations;no concern as to whether or not China responds with punitive measures;no consideration of reciprocity;no long-term consideration as of the principle of the"four nos"in assessing a difference of opinion on a specific issue.The article goes on to discuss the relationship between India’s attitude towards China and"issue by issue diplomacy".It argues that the deeper reason as to why the Modi Administration has adopted a strategy of"issue by issue diplomacy"is because India believes that based on status quo of the power balance between China and India,that it will be difficult to make diplomatic breakthroughs in all aspects of their relationship.On the other hand,when it comes to the strategies of China and India with respect to bilateral relations,China’s resolve and willingness to invest resources is weaker than that of India.At the same time,in India’s assessment,the international environment is favorable to India opting for an opportunistic approach to China,while India further sees that in the future there is good reason for optimism that the power balance may tilt in India’s favor.The result of the above is that Indiaopts for an offensive strategy towards China that does not follow given India’s level of power and influence.In closing,the article considers the impacts of the Modi Administration’s use of"issue by issue diplomacy"on India’s attitude towards participation in the Belt and Road Initiative.It argues that given the nature of India’s attitude towards the Belt and Road Initiative and India’s suspicions towards China’s intentions,the question of whether or not China can overcome India’s concerns depends not on the effectiveness of Chinese policies towards India,but on the specific outcomes of the Belt and Road Initiative in the other states of South Asia.
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    (G) Politics/ Military Affairs/ Law

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    China Politics and International Politics

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