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A Meta-analysis of Bee-sting Acupuncture in the Treatment of Knee OsteoarthritisFull-text in Chinese

LI Shaowei;HUANG Weihan;PAN Yuanle;OU Jinming;HUANG Zhanhui;LIU Haifeng;HUANG Mengfen;Clinical Direction of Traditional Chinese Medicine,the Second Clinical Medical College of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine;

Abstract:Objective To evaluate the intervention effect of bee-sting acupuncture therapy in patients with knee osteoarthritis(KOA).Methods A computer-based search of a comprehensive search of published randomized controlled trials(RCTs) published in domestic and foreign journals on bee acupuncture in patients with KOA. Rev Man5. 3 software was used for Meta-analysis,and quality evaluation was carried out by using Cochrane Handbook5. 0 standard. Results A total of 7 articles were included,with a total of 581 patients. Metaanalysis showed that: Bee-sting therapy was more effective than conventional Western medicine,general acupuncture and mid-frequency electrotherapy(P < 0. 05). There was no significant difference in the effective rate of bee-sting acupuncture and oral administration of traditional Chinese medicine versus oral administration of traditional Chinese medicine(P > 0. 05). The overall efficacy of bee-sting acupuncture therapy is superior to other therapies(OR = 3. 68,95% CI [2. 26,5. 98]). Conclusion The bee-sting acupuncture therapy in patients with KOA is effective in improving the prognosis,but higher quality clinical research is needed to support its clinical effect.
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    (E) Medicine & Public Health

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    Traditional Chinese Medicine

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