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Research of Automobile Proving Grounds Relevance Effects on Vehicle Reliability TestsCN



Abstract:With the rapid growth of automobile production and sales, automotive productquality has become one of the automobile manufacturers and consumers are mostconcerned about. In the development stage of automobile, automobile manufacturersoften use the reliability test to evaluate the development models of quality. Only somereliability problems existing in the design stage to find the reliability test, found theproblem and optimized, also need to re test reliability test to test the improved structuredesign. So often, Automotive proving ground reliability test often requires repeated trialand error, and then extend the vehicle development cycle. With the development ofglobal automotive test reliability test equipment manufacturers, has been from thetraditional test field reliability test is transferred to the laboratory reliability test. Inautomobile development today throughout the cycle, displacement, acceleration andstrain data information of various pavement acquisition test field, reproduced in thereliability test equipment laboratory test field reliability test has become a possibility,and will gradually replace the reliability test. At the same time reliability analysis iscarried out using CAE method, find out the vehicle and parts reliability design of theweak link, compared with the laboratory reliability test result, can reduce the test times,test cost and shorten the development cycle. At present, based on the laboratoryreliability test in the verification of the vehicle reliability are the domestic and foreignresearch hot spots in the field of system dynamics.In this paper, a domestic automobile production of a car as the research object, thecars were collected load several test road spectrum in Beijing Tongxian automotiveproving ground and Hubei Xiangfan automotive proving ground. According to statistics,data on the road load spectrum for editing and processing using Ncode-GlyphyWorkssoftware, the time series into the rain flow matrix, and the potential damage in the formof data in the form of percentage data show. Use road related technology and rain flowcounting two test field part corresponding road equivalent relationship, review andtesting field equivalent conclusions, provide the basis for automobile reliability test.This paper mainly research into the equivalent relationship between around twoautomotive proving grounds corresponding to the road, the full text is divided into five parts.The first chapter is the introduction, briefly introduce the development ofautomobile reliability test, and the domestic and foreign test field reliability testresearch are introduced and summarized based on. Through the research on theautomotive proving ground corresponding equivalent relationship, we can conclude twoautomobile test field potential damage relations, pointed out the direction for furtherreliability test and reliability test specification to determine certain, avoid the blindnessof the reliability test, and clarify the advantages and disadvantages of automobilereliability test. Editing processing by the road load spectrum data using NcodeGlyphyWorks software, the road load spectrum acquisition difficulties and should payattention to some small details the global reliability test. Finally, the main content of thispaper.The second chapter mainly introduces the formulation and testing field correlationroad load spectrum measurement scheme. This chapter mainly test field county as thetest vehicle reliability experiment site, according to the test criterion and the measureexperience, developed a measurement scheme of the test vehicle load spectrum. Thischapter firstly introduces the test field measurement platform reliability test loadspectrum of the overall scheme and its main parts, and some special sensor shouldfollow the principle of the arrangement. Secondly, introduces the test pavement and testload state. Finally, based on the measuring platform and test specification of the test,reliability test for field test vehicle load spectrum measurement, provides accurate testdata for the rain flow counting analysis and load spectrum of potential damagesubsequent statistics.The third chapter mainly introduces the analysis and processing of correlationreliability test data test field. Road load spectrum test data and time history refers to thetest vehicle data signal relationship between field experiment and field test of typicalpavement strengthening road through the test scheme and obtained a certain platformmeasuring point load and time. It is a dynamic analog signal in the field dynamic test bydata acquisition equipment to pick on the test equipment inspection are discrete, digital,conversion and transformation after a row with equal time interval feature of digitalsignal[1]. This chapter will be on the test vehicle in the automotive proving groundcollection of load spectrum data signal to correct recognition, singular points elimination, eliminating the trend and the rain flow cycle counting process.The fourth chapter mainly introduces the load spectrum of potential damagestatistical data using Ncode GlyphyWorks software. Firstly, determine the numericalload spectrum of potential damage statistics on formula and two parameter by NcodeGlyphyWorks software; then the corresponding potential damage and rain flow analysismodule, data statistics and tables showing damage load spectrum, the rain flow countingstatistics to3D rain flow matrix form; at last the potential damage data summary andtable operations, the list of potential damage of each channel of six component forcesensor caused in each road respectively, the potential damage every road in the face ofthe test vehicle of all six component sensor channel caused by a summary, averagevalues and summary, conclusions are given.The fifth chapter carries on the summary to the full text content, and the futureresearch direction is presented.This paper from the actual automotive proving ground test is carried out,affected test field correlation on reliability test is studied, and from the followingaspects to benefit a lot:(1) The reliability test project to exercise their practical ability and enrich theirknowledge of reliability test, to fill the gaps in their practice of postgraduate stage;(2) Through further comb the graduation thesis writing, make their own reliabilitytheory and knowledge in the enterprise practice further coherence and strengthen, butalso stimulate their interest in this field, for future work to lay a solid foundation.
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姬鹏; 李伟;

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