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Proving Ground Correlation Based on The Theory of Road Load Data AcquisitionCN



Abstract:Foreign countries have done a lot of research on the fatigue endurance test and life estimation of the automobile, and the domestic is just starting stage. And there is little research on the level of the test field and laboratory bench test. The test field correlation and the test of the vehicle bench test are also in the exploratory stage. In order to provide reliable and practical test field data for the fatigue strength design and bench test, we need to establish the test field correlation database for the road to the vehicle components and the fatigue damage of the vehicle.In this paper, we combine the development project of a car in the car corresponding position sensor, respectively, in the A and B two different test field acquisition road spectrum signal. After preliminary processing of the data, calculate the B test field of the six components of relative damage spectrum, as a test of the field correlation target relative damage; then calculate a test field under different working conditions of the six components of relative damage spectrum, through the matrix calculated test B relative field test a field solution, and through other channels to verify the solution accuracy and feasibility. Through the verification, the relative damage and the target damage process of the A test field after the adjustment of the relative damage and the target damage process are all the same. So far, the accuracy of the test is verified.Among them, the RLDA theory is firstly studied and studied, and the importance of the test field and the relationship between CAE simulation, bench test and road test are realized. The sensor principle and the principle of the sensor were studied. The Edaq software and Ncode software were studied. The data were collected and analyzed by the software.
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    Vehicle Industry

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柴保明; 许晟杰;

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