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The Impact of Extreme Drought on Ecosystem Services and Values of Temperate Grassland in Inner MongoliaCN



Abstract:As global changes are intensifying,the increase in extreme climate events has increasingly profoundly affected the ecosystems on which we depend.Ecosystem services are the benefits that mankind obtains from ecosystems and are the basis for mankind’s survival.Research on the effects of extreme drought on grassland ecosystems mostly focuses on ecosystem functions and processes such as ecosystem productivity,diversity,and biogeochemical cycles,while the impact of extreme drought on grassland ecosystem services and values has not been reported.Therefore,it is very important to study the impact of extreme drought on the temporal and spatial changes of grassland ecosystem service functions and values.This thesis takes the temperate grassland of Inner Mongolia as the research object,constructs an evaluation index system suitable for the ecosystem service function of the temperate grassland of Inner Mongolia,uses remote sensing images to estimate the ecosystem service function,and quantitatively analyzes the ecosystem bases on the estimated ecosystem service function value,to study the temporal and spatial change characteristics of the service function and value of the temperate grassland ecosystem in Inner Mongolia.Through six extreme drought networking experiments covering the main grassland types in Inner Mongolia,the response ratio of each indicator after extreme drought was determined,and the impact of extreme drought on ecosystem service functions and value was studied.This paper can quantify the impact of extreme drought on the ecosystem services and functions of the temperate grassland in Inner Mongolia,and recognize the hazards of extreme drought events,which has important guiding significance for the management and protection of grassland ecosystems.The main conclusions are as follows:(1)Evaluate the output of grass products,the amount of carbon fixation and oxygen release,the amount of water and soil conservation,and the amount of water conserved in the temperate grasslands of Inner Mongolia from 2015 to 2018.The four-year average value of grass product output was 1171kg/ha;the carbon fixation and oxygen release were 172 g/m2and 466 g/m2respectively;the water and soil conservation capacity is 30 t/ha;the water conservation capacity was 103 t/ha;Ecosystem service functions gradually decreased from northeast to southwest in spatial distribution.Divided according to the type of grassland,the ecosystem service function of meadow grassland was significantly higher than that of typical grassland and desert grassland.(2)From 2015 to 2018,the growing season(May-August)decreased rainfall by 66%(CHR)and the growing season(June and July)decreased rainfall by 100%(INT)will affect the grassland ecosystem per unit area.The response ratios of grass product yield,carbon fixation and oxygen release,water and soil conservation and water conservation under CHR treatment were 0.53,0.29,0.54,and 0.40,respectively.The response ratios under INT treatment were 0.57,0.37,0.61,and 0.10,respectively.The response ratios of the above-mentioned ecosystem service functions of meadow grassland under CHR treatment were 0.29,0.16,0.59,0.52,typical grassland were 0.53,0.28,0.53,0.42,and desert grassland were 0.55,0.23,0.53,0.42.Under INT treatment,the response ratios of the above ecosystem service functions of meadow grassland were 0.39,0.26,0.45,0.24,typical grassland were 0.60,0.36,0.54,0.09,and desert grassland were 0.70,0.32,0.57,0.12.(3)The total value of the ecosystem services of the temperate grassland in Inner Mongolia was 436.5billion yuan,and the spatial distribution gradually decreased from the northeast to the southwest.From2015 to 2018,the four-year average value of grass products was 81 billion yuan,the values??of carbon sequestration and oxygen release were 157.1 and 121.1 billion yuan,respectively,the value of soil and water conservation was 18 billion yuan,and the value of water conservation was 59.3 billion yuan.The four-year average value of meadow grassland ecosystem services was 222.2 billion yuan,typical grassland was 184 billion yuan,and desert grassland was 30.3 billion yuan.(4)Under the CHR treatment,the total value of ecosystem services was reduced by 131.2 billion yuan(29%),and under the INT treatment,it was reduced by 158.6 billion yuan(36%).The total value of ecosystem services of meadow grassland under the CHR and INT treatments was reduced by 54.5billion yuan(24%)and 68 billion yuan(30%),respectively,and typical grasslands were reduced by65.4 billion yuan(34%)and 78 billion yuan(42%),the desert steppe decreased by 11.3 billion yuan(36%)and 12.6 billion yuan(41%)respectively.In general,the service function and value of the temperate grassland ecosystem in Inner Mongolia show a gradual decrease in space from the northeast to the southwest.The response ratio of meadow grassland ecosystem service function and value to extreme drought is significantly lower than that of typical grassland and desert grassland.Meadows and typical grasslands have different responses to different types of extreme droughts,while desert grasslands are not significantly different.Research on the service function and value of extreme drought on the ecosystem is conducive to improving the awareness and attention of managers and decision makers to extreme drought,and is of great significance to strengthening grassland protection and sustainable development.
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