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Genome-wide Association Analysis of Drought Tolerance Related Traits in Sweet SorghumCN



Abstract:Sorghum is the fifth largest food crop after rice,wheat,corn,and barley.It is a multi-purpose crop for food and forage.Sweet sorghum is a diploid crop with a smaller genome.It is another important model crop after rice.Sorghum is an ideal crop for carrying out drought tolerance gene mining due to its drought tolerance and barren tolerance.At present,many research advances have been made in the exploration and genetic analysis of sweet sorghum germplasm resources,but the drought-tolerant mechanism of sweet sorghum is still unclear,and the comprehensive drought tolerance of sweet sorghum is less evaluated.Therefore,this study used 401 sweet sorghum as the research material,and used both irrigation and non-irrigation treatments during the whole growth period.Drought resistance index(DI),Geometric mean productivity(GMP),Mean productivity(MP),and Relative drought index(RDI),Sensitivity drought index(SDI),Stress susceptibility index(SSI),Stress tolerance index(STI),Tolerance index(TOL),Yield index(YI),Yield stability index(YSI)and other drought tolerance indexes have different effects on sweet sorghum Comprehensive evaluation of drought tolerance during the whole growth period,and selection of drought tolerance evaluation indicators suitable for sorghum;combined with the whole genome SNP markers of covered sweet sorghum,the whole genome association analysis of the drought tolerance traits of sweet sorghum germplasm throughout the growth period;analysis of sweet sorghum The genetic structure of drought-tolerant traits of sorghum,and the excavation of drought-tolerant candidate genes and their drought-tolerant materials,in order to provide help for the analysis of drought-tolerant genetic breeding and molecular mechanisms of related traits in sweet sorghum..The main results are as follows:1.Drought tolerance identification of 401 sweet sorghum germplasms during the whole growth periodIrrigation and non-irrigation are two treatments during the whole growth period.Investigate the field data of sweet sorghum plant height,ear length,and ear stalk length,and calculate the DI,GMP,MP,RDI,SDI,SSI,STI,TOL,YI and YSI drought tolerance index based on the field data of each trait.Principal component analysis comprehensively evaluates the drought tolerance of sweet sorghum during the whole growth period.The results showed that drought-tolerant and high-yielding varieties with plant height traits:22,368,352,309;Drought-tolerant and high-yielding varieties with ear length traits: 299,389,400,381;391,27,358.2.The drought tolerance index of each trait of sweet sorghum is slightly different.GMP,MP,STI drought tolerance index are good indicators for evaluating the drought tolerance of sweet sorghum.3.Genome-wide Association Analysis of Drought Tolerance Related Traits During the Whole Growth Period of Sweet Sorghum Germplasm.4.Gene function annotation of the significant sites detected by the drought tolerance index of the sweet sorghum plant height,ear length,and ear stalk length traits showed that for the plant height traits SNP-8-50726311(Sb08g019720.1),SNP-1-60603003(Sb01g037050.1)gene may be a candidate gene for drought tolerance,which will be the focus of the next step.5.In summary,this study conducted a comprehensive evaluation and identification of the drought tolerance-related traits of 401 sweet sorghum throughout the growth period,and used the whole genome association analysis method to reveal the genetic structure of sweet sorghum germplasm-related traits.The result was sweet sorghum.Germplasm drought tolerance breeding and molecular mechanism analysis of drought tolerance provide useful information.
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