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Design and Application of "River Chief System" Grid Management Information System for Guanchuan River in Arid Area of Loess PlateauCN



Abstract:The river management is closely related to the construction of water ecological civilization.It is of great significance to construct the river information management platform to carry out the river chief system and maintain the long-term and orderly development of rivers.The Guanchuan River is located in Dingxi City of Gansu Province,which is a small and medium-sized river in the arid region of the Loess Plateau.The development and utilization degree of water resources and shoreline resources in Guanchuan River is relatively high,and the channelization of river channels is obvious.There are a series of problems in the course management of Guanchuan River,such as the scattered basic data,the low efficiency of water treatment and the damage of the water ecological environment.Based on the problems existing in channel management of Guanchuan River,this paper carried out the big data,Internet and “3S” technology to build a “river chief system” grid management information system.This system integrated the “river chief system”management system and the grid management method,and realized the fine management of the river by the means of divising the river into multi-level unit grid.The key problems and main conclusions during the establishment process of grid-based management information system,i.e,“river chief system” are summarized as follows:(1)The division standard of river grid management are proposed,and “one water area strip grid and four types of shoreline functional zone grid” are constructed.According to the division method of shoreline control line,the shoreline grid is divided into two levels,which provides the foundation for river grid management.(2)The hydrological data,water management data and shoreline management data of the river course in the study area were collected,and the basic database and management information database of the river course were constructed using GIS platform.The functional modules of the system are designed comprehensively considering the actual demands of the river course,which including six parts:hydrology and water resources,water quality,shoreline grid management,video monitoring,data query and background management.(3)The “LAMP” mode was conducted to develop the system,which including Linux operating system,Apache web server,My SQL database and PHP development language.The system operating efficiency and the ability of information collection,storage,processing,query and dynamic update were improved by this system.The client uses B/S architecture technology to alleviate the problem of excessive client load and reduce the system maintenance cost.MD5 data encryption technology was performed to ensure the security of data and account information,to maintain the stability of the system.(4)The flow management platform subsystem and video monitoring subsystem are constructed in the grid management information system of “river chief system”.In subsystem of the flow management platform,the radar water level gauge was conducted to monitor the real-time flow data of the river channel,and the 24-hour real-time flow interface data of the river channel was obtained by AJAX technology.The visualization of dynamic data was realized by Echarts technology and displayed it in the subsystem of the flow management platform.In the video monitoring subsystem,the wireless high-definition video was conduceted to monitor the river at least 24-hour without interruption,so as to view the river at any time and improve the processing speed and efficiency of river water events.(5)The function of minimum ecological discharge and flood peak discharge were realized.When the real-time traffic value exceeds the set threshold value,the information management platform subsystem will give early warning.In addition,The system can also predict flow for the next 24 hours.(6)The accuracy of the automatic flow measurement data of the river chief system grid management information system was verified by the artificial flow meter.The results showed that the error of real-time flow data measured automatically by the system is small,which is less than ±0.05.In order to improve the accuracy of the system and further increase the accuracy of the data,the causes of the error are analyzed and discussed.
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    Hydraulic and Hydropower Engineering; Computer Software and Application of Computer

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