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Research on the Governmental Functions in the Development of the Desert Ecotourism in AlxaCN



Abstract:Since the 18 th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,the whole country has clearly raised the construction of ecological civilization to the height of national strateg y,and proposed high-quality development guided by ecological priority and green developm ent.The Alxa League has long faced the problems of a small economy,an irrational industr ial structure,and an urgent need for transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure.Combining the rich resources of the Alxa Desert and the fragile ecological environment,d esert eco-tourism has become an important realistic choice for the high-quality development of Alxa.The Alxa government is faced with the challenge of adapting to the rapid develo pment of ecotourism in a timely manner,rationally positioning its functions and responsibili ties and optimizing public services.It needs to continuously explore and study how the gov ernment can better play its role in the development of desert ecotourism.Through the analysis of national development policies and public management theories,this article concludes from the theoretical level that the Alxa government mainly plays the role of policy and planning makers,public service providers,market order maintainers,and multiple benefit distributors in tourism development.Using survey and data analysis method s,from the perspective of theoretical functions,systematically analyze the role of the gover nment in the development of desert ecotourism,and combine the actual performance of the government’s own duties to analyze and sort out the existing problems in detail.The reaso ns for the government’s problems in the development of desert ecotourism are analyzed fro m both subjective and objective aspects.Aiming at the government’s lack of ecological prot ection concepts for the development of desert ecotourism in the Alxa League;unreasonable institutional settings;lack of functions,offsides,and dislocations,etc.,the following solutio ns are proposed: strengthen the government’s macro-control,improve public service levels,a nd optimize public services It is hoped that it will help the Alxa government to further pro mote the development of desert eco-tourism.
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    (G) Politics/ Military Affairs/ Law; (J) Economics & Management

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    Administration Science and National Administration; Tourism

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