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A Study of Vertebrate Diversity in Annanba Wild Camel National Nature Reserve,Gansu ProvinceCN



Abstract:Under the background that the whole society has vigorously advocated the country’s ecological civilization and coordinated the comprehensive management of mountain-riverforest-farmland-lake-grassland,the conservation of biodiversity is crucial to the establishment of a system of natural protected areas dominated by national parks.The vertebrates are an important part of biodiversity.While there is not a new comprehensive investigation of biological resources since 2002 in Annanba Wild Camel National Nature Reserve in Gansu Province.Due to the impacts of climate change,animal epidemics and local economic construction,it’s difficult to clear the changes in the number,distribution and community structure of wildlife species in the region.Therefore,it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive investigation and study on the status of vertebrate background resources in the region.From2018 to 2020,the author used line transects,observing directly,camera traps,interview survey and documentation method to conduct a detailed investigation and study on the wild vertebrates in the reserve.The main results are as follows:1.The list of vertebrates in the survey increased 95 species compared with 2002,there are216 species of terrestrial vertebrates were investigated belonging to 22 orders,55 families and130 genera,including 7 orders,16 families,40 genera and 56 species of mammals,13 orders,33 families,83 genera and 150 species of birds,2 orders,6 families,7 genera and 10 species of reptiles.No fish or amphibians were found in the reserve.Among them,the G-F index of birds is the highest,followed by mammals and reptiles.It means the diversity between families and generas of birds is high,and the species composition is stable relatively.2.The vertebrate fauna of the Nature Reserve is dominated by the Palaearctic,among which all reptiles are Palaearctic spcies.While there are only 1 mammal species and 8 birds species in the Oriental kingdom.3.There are 14 species are first class national protected animals,34 species are second class national protected animals,and 10 species are vertebrates endemic to China.Among them,the wild camel(Camelus ferus)and the desert cat(Felis bieti)have been included in the China Red List of critically endangered biodiversity(CR).4.The rodents of Annanba reserve were mainly divided into two communities;there was a desert drought-tolerant rodent community widely distributed in all habitats of the reserve,and a drought-tolerant and hygrophilous mixed rodent community mainly distributed in habitats characterized by Form.Phragmites australis and Form.Myricaria platyphylla.Rodents are very significant to the desert ecosystem,which is dominanted by Dipus sagitta,Meriones meridianus and Meriones tamariscinus.Camelus ferus is a major conservation target in Annanba nature reserve,but the remain problems of restoration and drinking water still need to be solved.Through this survey,the resource statu of terrestrial vertebrates in Annanba Nature Reserve has been basically mastered,which can provide basic datas for the follow-up protection work and scientific research of the nature reserve.
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