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The Physiological Mechanisms of Magnetized Water Use on the Growth in Cucumber Seedlings under Drought and Salt StressCN



Abstract:Drought and secondary soil salinization are the main factors threatening cucumber growth and yield.Magnetized water has the advantages of safety,simple operation,low cost,and environmental friendliness,and shows the potential to increase yield and quality on some crops.It is unclear whether the application of magnetized water can improve the drought resistance and salt resistance of cucumbers.Therefore,this study systematically studied the effects of magnetized water on cucumber growth and physiological characteristics under drought and salt stress by using sand and soil culture pot experiments.The major object was to evaluate the role of magnetized water on cucumber growth and to explore related physiological mechanisms.The main conclusions were as follows:(1)Under the conditions of sand culture,magnetized water showed some negative effect on cucumber growth.The magnetized water use inhibited the growth of the above-ground and roots in cucumber seedlings,reduced the photosynthetic pigment content of the leaves,increased leaf stomatal conductance and transpiration rate,and decreased the water consumption and whole-plant water use efficiency.These effects of the magnetized water are were stronger under ample soil moisture than under soil drought.Magnetized water application increased the K+ content of leaves under soil drought,but had little effect on the growth,water relationship,photosynthetic gas exchange,and chlorophyll fluorescence parameters of cucumber seedling.The application of magnetized water had limited role on improving cucumber drought resistance under sand culture condition.(2)Under soil culture condition,the growth of cucumber was significantly improved by application of magnetized water.Plant height,leaf area,total biomass and root-shoot ratio of cucumber seedlings were increased by 30.1%~91.7% for magnetized water treatment.The enhanced growth of cucumber seedlings by magnetized water was mainly attributed to the improvement of plant water relationship and the increase of nutrient absorption and utilization.There was a significant interaction between magnetization and water quality or and soil moisture conditions under soil culture conditions.On improving cucumber seedling performance and physiological characteristics,the application of magnetized tap water was better than that of magnetized distilled water,and the more positive effect was achieved under ample soil water conditions than under soil drought.The differences in water quality,soil moisture,the duration time of magnetized water application,and the culture medium were important reasons for the different responses of magnetized water application in sand culture and soil culture experiments.(3)Magnetized water use improved the salt resistance of cucumber seedlings.Regardless of non-salt stress and salt stress,magnetized water use can stimulate the growth or physiological activities of cucumber seedlings.The effect of magnetized water in improving cucumber growth and physiological activities under salt stress was greater than that under non-salt stress,and the positive effect of magnetized water increased with the duration of the application.Under salt stress,the main physiological mechanisms that magnetized water treatment improved cucumber seedling growth were mainly attributed to:magnetized water use increased cucumber seedling root growth and improved plant water relations;increased chlorophyll content,net photosynthetic rate and water use efficiency,thereby improving photosynthetic capacity;enhanced the activity of protective enzymes to reduce the damage of cell membrane;increased the potassium content in roots,stems and leaves while reduced sodium content,thus increasing the K+/Na+ ratio,which helps maintain the homeostasis of ions in the cell.
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