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Ming Emperors’Advocacy of TaoismFull-text in Chinese

CHAO Zhong-chen (School of History & Culture,Shandong University,Jinan,250100,China)

Abstract:Emperor ChengZu of Ming Dynasty said that he had been blessed by Zhenwu the Great in Jingnan Battle,so he advocated Taoism after getting enthroned.And emperors after him imitated him one after another and the custom of Taoist advocacy got stronger and stronger.Emperors ignored their duty since they paid more attention to prayer,and this made the corruption of Ming Dynasty faster.Consequently,the power of cabinets kept increasing.Emperors’ advocacy of Taoism made Taoism more popular in the society.Compared to Buddhism,the status of Taoism in Ming Dynasty increased although there’s no new development or theoretical breakthrough.Thus it’s not right to generally assume that Taoism in Ming Dynasty was in depression.
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    (F) Literature/ History/ Philosophy

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    China Ancient History

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