All documents

After the users download the documents, they can classify, edit and delete them in the document storage location, and sync the information about document reading (reading equipment, progress and time) to the cloud.

All documents, no matter they are cloud data, local data or documents imported in other ways can be classified and grouped here.

1. Edit

Move and delete the document classifications by the edit button in “ALL.”

2. Search

Input a title and search in the data bank.

3. Data refresh

If the documents are not synced, click this button for refresh.

4. Data sorting

The literature can be sorted by “Recently read,” “Title” and “Author,” which facilitates search.

5. Grouping management

Click to display the drop-down list which includes three groups: “All,” “Self-built groups,” and “Default groups.”

Display help: “All” and “Self-built groups” will display no matter whether they include document (s), and “Default groups” will display only when it has document(s).

Default groups cover “Journal,” “Doctoral dissertation,” “Master’s thesis,” “Conference,” “Achievement,” “Patent,” “Standard,” “Reference book,” “Almanac,” and “Others” (including foreign literature, scanned documents, files transferred via WiFi, and offprints downloaded), as shown below:

6. Browsing documents by swiping left

Swipe left to display the operation buttons, which will be different according to the document type.

HTML: It will appear if a document has the HTML reading mode. Begin reading by click the button.

CAJ: It will display only on documents with the CAJ reading mode. Click the Button to open the document in CAJ.

Details: It will display on documents with a detail page. Click to open the detail page of a document.

Delete: It is shown on all documents. Confirm deletion on the popup Dialog and a document will be deleted.

Sharing: It appears on all documents in CAJ form or PDF form. Click the button and share the document to a WeChat friend or a QQ friend or by mail through the popup Dialog for sharing.

The interface is as follows: