Document reading

View the literature contents, reading progress, display modes and comments related to a specific document. Annotate a document by long press, press and other operations. After the operation, the annotation and reading progress will be automatically synced to the cloud.

1. Viewing the contents

Have a quick access to the contents of a document, and the annotations and the pages with bookmarks.

2. Progress display

Check the reading progress and enter the relevant page by dragging the round sign.

3. Display setting

Set the display mode of the reading interface and whether to display the annotations. The left image shows the reading modes of doctoral dissertations and master’s theses, and the right image shows the reading modes of journals, to which reading by edition is added.

4. Annotation

Long-press the content to be annotated and perform operations such as highlighting, underlining, strikeout, adding making region, copy and reading by dragging the round signs at the beginning and the end of the selected text to change the scope of text.

5. Reading

Listen to the documents via voice reading. The reading speed and reading time can be set.

6. Setting/p>

Adjust the brightness of the reading interface, the text font, font size and interface background (day mode, night mode and eye protection mode)

7. Other operations

Including full-text search in one specific document, terminology explanation, sending one specific document to a printer or an email, and other functions (which refer to multiple functions about linking the third party of a mobile phone.