Literature retrieval

Literature retrieval is mainly used for searching, downloading and online reading various types of literature. When searching, users will be provided with historical search records and recent hot words, and searched keywords will be auto-completed to facilitate better retrieval.

1. Retrieval entry

By clicking on the search box in the navigation bar on the homepage, users can enter the keywords and obtain the articles.

2.Literature download

After entering the literature list page, users can select the articles to be downloaded, enter the literature detail page and select CAJ or EPUB download, and after the downloads are completed, articles downloaded are also displayed in the database.

Users can also read the articles online by entering the literature detail page and clicking on CAJ or HTML reading.

The specific features of the literature retrieval consist of the following:

1) Browsing, searching, screening and sorting of literature resources;

2) Automatically judging the language format of the inputted keywords and displaying differentiated literature content;

3) One-click retrieval of Chinese and English literature, easy switching;

4) Through CAJ and EPUB downloading, articles downloaded can be stored synchronously and automatically through cloud storage to ensure that downloaded articles will be not lost;

5) Collecting articles through clicking on the asterisk button in the upper right corner of the top to facilitate later searching and downloading.