How to register?

Choose your location: Default or North America.

The "Default” is recommended for users out of North America. For North America users, please select "North America". Register by email address and set your password, then click register button.

How to login?

Choose your location: Default or North America.

1. Register your account and login

Once you have successfully registered your account, enter username and password to login.

2. Login with existing account

Login with existing CNKI account. You can log into your account on different equipment to reach cloud reading synchronization.

3. Forget your password

Visit CNKI official website to find your password. find your password .

How to link with an institution?

User Login → My Records →Below the Avatar →Immediate Link →Open.

As long as the institution is bound, documents purchased by schools, libraries, companies, institutions and other units can be downloaded free of charge. Institutional account downloads which are closed by default need to be opened manually.

Three ways of linkage

1) Automatic location linkage: according to your location, automatically lock the institutions within the range.

2) Automatic IP-based login: automatically detect the current network permissions and download the documents within the IP range purchased by the institution.

3) Institutional account login: enter the user name and password of the institutional account manually.

One can login once in CNKI Express at school (one's unit), but how long can one roam out of school(one's unit)?

Half a month.

What are the roaming rules after location association?

The details are:

1) By a minimum of 15 days and a maximum of two months, after the association for the first time, the duration will automatically accumulate after each successful login, with 15 days for the first time and two months (i.e., 60 days) as the cumulative upper limit.

2) After successful association, the user can roam on CNKI Express for 15 days from the day of association. If the association is successful again within 15 days, another seven days will be added to the 15-day duration. By analogy, the maximum roaming duration will be two months (Note: The roaming calculation starts from the day of association, and the calculation node and the roaming duration may change as required, but with a day calculated only once).

3) After the successful association, the user does not need to manually re-associate with it under the condition that the institution information is the same. The APP will try to automatically associate with it after the user opens the APP by automatic login, and the roaming duration will be automatically accumulated after the successful association.

Does roaming management require administrator authorization?

The roaming management is opened by default, but the administrator can also set it as authorized.

1) The website of the Global Academic Express Organization Management System is:

2) The target user of the management system is the CNKI institution administrators of current institutions.

3) The user name is the same as the CNKI institution account.

4) The password is the same as the CNKI institution password.

5) The administrator password is the same as the CNKI institution administrator password.

6) The passwords of the above three accounts are the same as those on the website of mycnki.

How to retrieve documents?

The steps are:

1)Quick Retrieval

Location: home page → top document retrieval box. You can enter keywords for quick retrieval among the retrieval results under document classification, and the retrieval results can be screened and sorted. Meanwhile, the system also provides you with search records and recent buzz words to facilitate your quick retrieval.

2)Advanced Search

The types of keywords can be titles, topics, keywords, authors, institutions, abstracts, CLC numbers, publication time, and others. Each type of keywords is in the relationship characterized by "and/or/not." You can enter entries of each type of keywords for accurate retrieval, and the retrieval results can be screened and sorted.

How can I read a document?

The steps are:

1)Online Reading

To check the document details such as authors, keywords, abstract and others, you can click the "HTML Reading" button directly on the page of "Document Details" to enter the reading interface.

2)Full-text Download

You can download the document to a local device or cloud "database" for easy reference, management, grouping and editing.

How can I read a publication?

The left side of the search box of the operation bar on the home page → "Publications" .

You can search the entire issue of periodicals, doctor awarding units, conference proceedings, yearbooks, reference books and others in the display modes of large pictures and lists.

How to conduct personalized customization?

The steps are:

Click on the navigation bar at the bottom of the home page to enter "My Library," and then click on the "+" button at the bottom right of the operation bar to customize the interested content, which currently covers disciplines, periodicals, scholars, themes, hot spots and projects. After the customization is completed, you can see the latest interested content on the home page.

Can I find my favorites and downloads after using another mobile phone?

Yes. After registration and login, your favorites and downloaded articles will be synchronized to the cloud.

How many devices can you login with one account?

You can login on two devices on either Andriod or IOS.