AcademicReference(AR) aims to provide overseas universities, academic research institutions and enterprises with a one-stop English search and discovery platform that reveals China's academic literature and helps to have a quick understanding of its latest academic development, hot research topics and the social-cultural profiles of China.

  • The only "bibliography + full-text" English platform: The English abstracts make it more convenient for overseas scholars to have a quick understanding of China's academic developments and the English full text satisfies the users who need to have in-depth research.

  • Multiple types of resources (journals, dissertations & theses, conference proceedings, yearbooks, reference works, e-books, glossary) to meet the diverse literature needs of the users.

  • Huge resource amount: 15 million entries of abstracts, 2 million full-text articles.

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First prize × 3

JBL Portable Bluetooth Speaker ($99)

Second prize × 5

Sony Wireless Earphone ($69)

Third prize × 50

CNKI Top-up Card ($49)

  • Institutions with over 100 valid feedbacks will have free access to AR for two more months.

  • Institutions with 50 valid feed-backs will free access to AR for one more month.

  • The organizer of the top 3 institution with the most valid feedback will get a Kindle Paperwhite 4 ($129).

Note: CNKI reserves the right to replace the prize with an alternative prize of equal or higher value.