• Time: From now to May 31, 2020, you can submit the trial application at any time, and we will open a free trial for you for one month.

  • Purpose: During the COVID-19 epidemic, FLTRP and CNKI provide online Chinese teaching literature, audio and video materials for overseas Chinese language & technology vocational education institutions with Chinese teaching needs for free.

Chinese Language & Culture Library (CLCL) features Chinese language and cultural resources fitting for readers and learners of all ages. It is an online digital library gathering four modules – eBook, Culture, Language and Termbases. These four modules contain not only such e-books as children's books and classic novels, but also audio and video courses, including lectures, interviews and documentaries.

  • Free Trial Modules Available:

(1) eBooks - one of the three columns: Chinese Classics, Chinese Reader, Chinese Learning

(2) Culture -561 videos, all columns

(3) Language learning - 224 videos, all columns

Please click here to fill in the free trial application form, and we will send the account opening notice through the email you left within two working days after the approval of the audit. Please make sure of the correctness of the contact information you left.