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CNKI eBooks includes classic academic books with Chinese characteristics. There are more than 10,000 multilingual books in ten disciplines and 136 sub-disciplines, which reveals China's academic literature and helps readers to have a deep understanding of scientific research development and social-cultural profiles of China. Among them, there are more than 235 books on Chinese education.

During the global COVID-19 epidemic, CNKI and 21st Century Press selected 20 books ($508) for overseas students for one-month free trial on the occasion of "World Book and Copyright Day". Submit your application within the time limit, and you will enjoy one-month free reading privilege of these books!

Overseas primary and secondary students

From now on till May 31,2020


21st Century Press

Founded in February 1985, 21st Century Press mainly publishes books, magazines and audio and video electronic products of related fields for young readers, especially children's literature, youth literature, cartoons and picture books.

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