CNKI (China National Knowledge Infrastructure) is the largest platform for China knowledge and information resources. It has collected over 90% of China knowledge resources, covering journals, dissertations, newspapers, proceedings, yearbooks, reference works, e-books, encyclopedia, patents, standards, S&T achievements, laws & regulations, etc.

It is also a unified discovering platform for global academic literature, integrating over 500 million literature from over 700 major publishers in 80 countries.

CNKI has over 30,000 institutional users in Mainland China and over 1,600 institutional users outside Mainland China, covering 76% of top 500 universities in the world and many research think tanks related to China study.

Academic Journals
Covering electronic technology & information science, medicine & public health, architecture, agriculture, astronomy, chemistry, physics, literature, history, philosophy, politics, education, economics & management, etc..
The most comprehensive collection of China’s research achievements and the most strategic resources for library holdings.

8,388 titles, 58 million articles, dating back to 1915, covering 99.9% of China academic journals.

Doctoral Dissertations & Masters’ Theses
A display of original scientific research achievements of major national research projects.
Complete coverage of dissertations/theses from China’s elite universities, Chinese Academy of Science, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, State Key Laboratory, etc., dating back to 1984.

Over 450,000 doctoral dissertations from 493 PhD granting institutions; Over 4.4 million masters’ theses from 772 master granting institutions.

Influential newspapers sponsored by governments at and above prefecture level, comprehensive newspapers founded by major newspaper groups, and industry newspapers with great influences on specific industry and professional readers.
Guidelines and policies, domestic news and events, economic and industrial analysis, reports on science and technology developments, etc.

659 titles, 20 million articles since 2000.

Conference Proceedings
Collecting the proceedings of conferences held by major societies, universities and research institutes in China as well as international conferences held in China since 1999, with some of the literature dating back to 1953.
Reflecting the hot issues and frontier topics in various subjects, including new discoveries as well as controversial or inconclusive new ideas.

40,140 titles (China conferences: 31,055 titles, international conferences: 9,085), 3.5 million articles (China conferences: 2.6 million articles, international conferences: 0.9 million articles).

The largest dynamic yearbook resource full-text database updated continuously in China. 
Systematically reflecting the comprehensive development of politics, economy, culture, medical and health care at national, provincial and county level, of great value to the research on the development of China's economy.

5,354 titles,
42,777 volumes,
39 million articles since 1949.

Value-added Services
Free machine translation functions to help understand Chinese full text.
More functions to satisfy individual need:value-added translation service and articles individual purchase access.

Mobile Apps for national researchers accessing GAF anywhere;
Inter-library loan maximum 50 articles.

Explore the Frontiers of China’s Science & Technology

In recent years, the policies and regulations of science and technology and related journals in China have been continuously improved. The investment in S&T has increased steadily, and the community of researchers has grown continuously, giving rise to a large number of research achievements. As important platforms to display scientific research achievements, Chinese scientific journals have witnessed and recorded the development and great achievements of science and technology in China. CNKI will help you to explore the frontiers of China’s science & technology, high-speed railway, 5G, modern medicine, environmental science...

Promote Sino-Hungary Economic Cooperation

In 2020, the bilateral trade volume was US$ 11.69 billion, reaching a record high with a year-on-year increase of 14.4%.
China has become Hungary's largest source of foreign investment and the investment cooperation between the two sides continues to expand.
CNKI will help you to know more about China economy and seek more opportunities of economic and trade cooperation.

Understand Chinese Culture

In the past few years, the “Belt and Road initiative" has given rise to a closer relationship between China and Central & Eastern European countries. There are more and more cooperation projects between China and Hungry in the field of culture and education, and the bilateral exchanges are at the forefront of the cooperation between China and Central & Eastern European countries. CNKI will help you to know more about Chinese culture, enhance mutual understanding and promote the cultural exchanges between the two countries.

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The trial applies to: All 260 EISZ members can enjoy a CNKI Platform open trial through IP identification.

The trial period: The trial will last from the 1st of November 2021 to the 28th of February 2022.

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