Development and Current Situation of Scientific Journals in China

Since the foundation of the People's Republic of China 70 years ago, the policies and regulations of science and technology and related journals in China have been continuously improved. The investment in science and technology has increased steadily, and the community of researchers has grown continuously, thus enabling a large number of research achievements. Moreover, the evaluation of scientific journals has been upgraded, and the reward and funding systems have become gradually rationalized. In the meantime, the number of scientific journals in China has grown rapidly, and the disciplinary construction has been constantly improved. Furthermore, their global influence has been expanding year by year, and publication forms have advanced with the times. These achievements lay a solid foundation and provide a favorable environment for the development of world-class scientific journals.

Development of Science and Technology in China and Representative Journals

As important platforms to display scientific research achievements, Chinese scientific journals have witnessed and recorded the development and great achievements of science and technology in China. Some representative science and technology works are presented in this page to show the progress of science and technology (all the following journals have been included in CNKI Database).