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Academic Journals Database: (1)Realizing the integrated retrieval of Chinese and foreign journals. Among them, there are more than 8,720 titles of Chinese academic journals, which includes more than 1,960 titles of core journals of Peking University and more than 2,100 first published online journals dating back to 1915 with more than 56 million full-text articles.

China Reference Works Online (CRWO): Collecting over 11,000 reference works from 300 renowned China publishers, and including 20 million entries and 1 million pictures; Covering various types of reference works, including dictionaries, handbooks, encyclopeidas, atlas, chronicles, manuals, etc.

CNKI Dictionary: With a total of 7 million vocabularies, the interpretation is traceable and authoritative relying on 3,000 professional dictionaries and 300 million Chinese and foreign documents; collecting authoritative organization resources to provide standardized translation and Chinese naming of words.

CNKI eBooks (Intl): It collects 15,000 classic books of Chinese characteristics, including 257 Chinese education books.

Chinese Language & Culture Library (CLCL): Chinese Language & Culture Library (CLCL) features multimedia and multilingual resources on Chinese culture and language. It is an online digital library fitting for readers and learners of all ages, gathering eBooks and video resources in various types and genres such as readers, textbooks, lectures, interviews, documentaries and online courses.

Chinese Teaching and Learning E-Library: Self-developed by CNKI, it is a platform collecting excellent contemporary Chinese literature and Chinese education books and journals, and integrating the most popular poems, stories and other audio materials. It is composed of three subject libraries: "E-books Library" "E-journals Library" and "Audio Library".

CNKI Classic Reading Guide Database: According to the requirements of Chinese curriculum standards, it provides professional and detailed analytical documents for literary classics from the aspects of writer's knowledge, work reading guide, theme, thoughts, structure of the work, characters, language rhetoric, artistic features, cultural analysis, etc., so as to help primary and secondary school teachers and students to effectively expand the breadth and depth of reading. Meanwhile, it provides reading centers and periodical reading, and builds a knowledge platform for classic reading for primary and secondary school teachers and students, so as to improve their literary appreciation ability and reading literacy.

Encyclopedia Knowledge Database of Chinese Traditional Culture: Selected from 2,600 authoritative and high-quality reference books of Chinese traditional culture, it systematically combs all material and non-material traditional cultures such as ideology, politics, economy, culture and art, which are continuously passed down in Chinese history.