Notice for CNKI Service Platform Upgrade

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We hereby notify that since 0:00 on Aug.18, 2020 (GMT+8), CNKI new service platform Global Academic Focus (GAF) will be officially released and all platform will automatically switch to that version.

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About Global Academic Focus (GAF)

Global Academic Focus(GAF) is a multi-terminal global academic literature dissemination and utilization platform, established on the basis of World Knowledge Big Data (WKBD), and integrates all technologies of CNKI's Knowledge Network System (KNS8.0) and CNKI EXPRESS.

Relying on CNKI's intelligent indexing technology and intelligent subject retrieval system, as well as tens of millions of Chinese and English professional dictionaries, and millions of subject vocabularies, the platform greatly improves the accuracy and completeness on search, and realizes the in-time literature availability.

Global Academic Focus uploads “Intelligent Subject Search” as the core competence, and will be capable for eight “unified” service standards:
1.Unified publications launching and retrieval: with one-stop to access global academic literature;
2.Unified language input: obtaining global knowledge by inputting one language (Chinese/English);
3.Unified search system: providing multi-field unified search service in Chinese and English;
4.Unified discovery mechanism: sorting all search results by time with subject most related priority;
5.Unified journal recommendation mechanism: evaluating and ranking global journals uniformly according to CNKI CI Index (Comprehensive Impact Index);
6.Unified knowledge network: single document as the knowledge node to building up a global knowledge network as service;
7.Unified full-text retrieval way: all literatures providing HTML, CAJ, PDF, and EPUB;
8.Unified personal knowledge service: enable to provide intelligent literature recommendation service, and supportive to build reader’s personal digital library.
The platform provides three versions of language for option:

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